Choosing a name for your baby is the most important step in creating your child’s identity. Explore this article to know how to choose the right name for your new-born baby.

Choosing A Name For Your Baby

Choosing a name for your newly arrived bundle of joy is not going to be easy for you, as you would be looking for the best of the lot. Some people choose the name ahead of time, before the baby actually arrives, while most of them prefer to wait to hold their infant within their arms, before deciding on his/her name. Selecting the best name involves the parents pinning down the favorite boy/ girl names and arguing late into the night as to which one is the best. The thought that your baby will be called by that name for the rest of its life makes it all the more difficult to select a name. Given here are some tips on choosing the right name for your precious baby.
How To Choose The Right Baby Name
How Does The Name Sound?
The most important factor while naming your baby is how does the name sound. Choose a name that has a pleasing sound. Call it loud and see if it appeals to you and your spouse. Also, try calling out the name along with your last name; this should also sound pleasant.
What Does The Name Mean?
After selecting a name, find out what it means. Usually, the nicest sounding names have unpleasant meanings or no meaning at all. Some parents go ahead with giving such names to their babies, while others do not. Also, it is important to find out the meaning of the baby name along with the surname that will be attached to it. 
Is It Appropriate?
Consider whether you are willing to select a unisex name for your baby or not. It is better to choose a name that reflects your baby’s gender. Although some names are acceptable for both genders, it is wise to keep a name that is suitable to the baby’s gender.
Is It Trendy & Popular?
Another factor that should be taken into consideration while naming a baby is whether the name is currently popular and trendy or not. Most parents prefer using religious names for their babies. However, not all parents follow the bandwagon. Some look hard and find a unique name for their baby.
Does It Give Value To Tradition?
You can also take the traditional route while naming your baby. Naming the baby as per numerology or astrology can have a positive impact on his/her future and bring good luck too.
Baby Names For Boys
While selecting a name for your baby boy, you have to decide whether you wish to be conservative, modern or middle-of-the road. Names such as Joshua, Jacob, Mathew, Michael, Samuel and Ethan have Biblical derivations. Some Muslim names such as Bashir, Dawood, Yusuf, Zahid, Abdul and Rahim have religious connotations. In case you are selecting a Sikh name, they could be Adarshpal, Arvinderjeet, Dharmender, Hardeep and Uttampal. Unique Hindu boy names can be Adinath, Biren, Duranjaya, Hemakesh, Vidyadhar and Yajnesh.
Baby Names For Girls
One of the factors to consider while naming a girl is whether the name rhymes with the last name. It is better if it does not, for example, imagine a name such as Jenny Lenny. Look for a name that is distinct as well as meaningful. Some of popular Biblical baby girl names are Amaris, Ganya, Nizana, Reba and Zulema. A modern Hindu girl name would be Agrata, Daksha, Gulika, Joshika, Virika and Yadavi. Afraa, Damali, Heba, Mahala, Sameeha and Zameera are some Muslim names for your baby girl. Best Sikh girl names include Agamjot, Budhpreet, Gatnam, Ramneek, Srina and Yuvleen.

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