With just a little guidance and oodles of confidence, you can make your husband or boyfriend miss you. Read on to know more about how to make him miss you.

How To Make Him Miss You

Every woman goes through a situation where she asks herself “Does my man really miss me? Does he really love me? If he does, as he says he does, why doesn’t he call me or check on me?” While women lose their sleep trying to look for an answer to this question, men snore in carefree abandon! What women do not realize is their men would miss them, really miss them, if only they would be given the opportunity to – which would happen only if we stopped constantly calling, texting or checking on them. An intelligent reader would easily perceive what is being said in a roundabout way – if you want to make him miss you, you must stop missing him first. That is the way to begin, now for going ahead with the whole plan. Here are a few ways in which you can make him miss you, irrespective of whether you are still in a relationship or whether your man has dumped you.
How To Make A Guy Miss You 

Turn Off The Water Works
If he has just dumped you, it will hurt a lot. True. The pain, however, will last just as long as you let it last. So, wipe those tears away, wash dirt away from your face, and pain away from your mind. Also, keep yourself busy within and outside the house, so that you think as less about the fact that he doesn’t think about you.

Confidence Is A Girl’s Best Friend
Men are drawn towards women who are confident and love themselves for what they are. If he knows that you have a life of your own, can spend time by yourself and do not constantly need his presence, you will begin to enjoy a higher position of respect in his eyes. Women, who are clingy, are seen as desperate and lacking in confidence, the kind that, men would want to move away from. 

Pamper Yourself
The one surefire way of raising your confidence levels is to look good and smell good. Go to the nearest salon or beauty parlour and pamper yourself with a facial, a new hairstyle, a manicure or a complete makeover, if you can afford it. It is, by far the best way of keeping negative thoughts and feelings away from you. 

Friends Forever
Most women begin to neglect their friends the moments they find the right man that they would want to spend their lives with. Men, on the other hand, chase the woman, keep her, and then go for a night out with the boys, at the pub! Learn the art of making men miss you from the men themselves! In any case, your man is making you miss him, voluntarily or otherwise. Go out with your friends, the ones who have, in the past, helped you get over every tragedy, big or small. Remember not to call on them, just because you need a shoulder to cry on – call them because you don’t want to cry anymore. Go to the mall, to a coffee shop or any other place, where you will feel yourself again. 

“Honey, I’m Busy”
If he calls to check on you, tell him politely (even sweetly) that you are busy and will call him back later. If you are available to him at all times, and would cancel every other prior engagement that you have, just to accommodate him, he will begin to take you for granted, which is often the basic reason for him not missing you.

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