Have the kids moved out? Do you feel lonely? Read on to find out how you can keep yourself occupied.

Things To Do When The Kids Move Out

The last of your three children has just moved away to college. You sit at home alone sipping a cup of coffee and feel lost and depressed. You are not alone. There are many parents, who feel lonely and miserable when their kids move away, no matter what's the reason of their moving out. However, there are many things that can be done once you are in an empty nest. While the move might cause a physical gap between you and your children, the gap need not be an emotional one. It is natural to feel a sense of loss and the change does tend to affect one. While you could look at the positive side of things (less dirty laundry, less dishes to cook and clean up, etc.), it is the practical things that you do that will help you get over the move. Read on to know what to do when the kids move out.
What To Do When The Kids Move Out
  • Take on a hobby or resume, one that you might have discontinued earlier because of lack of time. This could be anything ranging from gardening to photography. Rediscover yourself.
  • Visit new places. You might have had a dream of going on a holiday to some far-off, exotic holiday spot. Now is the time to make those dreams come true. If you haven’t dreamt of a holiday, think of one now.
  • Some parents decide to go in for higher education once their kids move out. Still others decide to change careers and try something new. Think of doing something productive yourself so that you will be able to keep your mind constructively occupied.
  • Try re-decorating the place. With the kids not at home, there is sure to be more space at home. Make use of this space by trying your hand at innovative projects.
  • Get involved with local community activities. You might have lived in the same community all your life, but may not know what it offers. Most communities have local events that could keep you busy. You can find out what is scheduled in the weeks to come by checking your local newspaper or by watching the local news for events.
  • Reconnect with people with whom you might have lost touch and see what is happening with them. Reaching out is perfect at this time.
  • Take time out to focus on your health. Arrange a schedule with your doctor for regular check-ups and start up an exercise regimen. Eat healthier food and take care of yourself. If your kids are old enough to move out of the house, this means you’re not exactly at the peak of youth yourself.
  • Try to re-capture the romance of earlier days in your marriage. You can discuss this with your spouse and probably fix up to go on dates, and spend some amazing time together.

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