It is rare to see a man who is as dedicated as a woman in doing household chores. Find out how to get him to start doing them.

Getting Him To Do Chores

It is Friday evening, and your guy lies sprawled on the sofa, pressing the buttons of the TV remote, while you are slogging it out in the kitchen. While you are in the middle of your kitchen chores, your washing machine buzzer goes off and you run to see to it. In the time that it takes for you to finish up with the washing machine, you come back to find that the dinner just got overcooked. You glare at your guy, who is still unconsciously switching channels, and wish you could get him to help with the chores. Don’t give up hope. Remember that many men have been conditioned to believe that household chores belong to a woman’s domain. You will need to wean him away from that belief. There are a number of ways, in which you can inspire the man in your life to handle household duties. Read on to know the mantra which would get your man to do housework. 
How To Get Him To Do Housework 
  • Do not yell or nag, no matter how frustrated you are. It may get him to do the chores, but will eventually harm your relationship. Speak to him calmly, and respectfully. While being calm, take care that you do not speak to him, as though you are speaking to a nitwit.
  • He may not know which chores need to be done. You could both discuss it, and make a chart with chores against each of your names. When discussing chores, don’t call for a meeting. Keep the conversation, low-key. In this way, he will not put up immediate defenses, or try to argue his way out.
  • Use visual reminders – once a chart is made, keep it in a place where he can’t miss it.
  • Get his opinion on which chores he would like to do, or which ones he doesn’t mind doing. Do not ask him to do something, which he hates doing. Don’t accuse him of never doing chores (even if it is the truth). It will make a man feel angry and ashamed, and this will get you nowhere.
  • Don’t monitor him, when he is doing the chore. He is more likely to dump the task back on your head, and walk out, if you behave like his boss does. Also, don’t criticize him constantly.
  • Engage his heart more than his head. Be friendly, affectionate, and encouraging. This will make the request more personal, and he will be more inclined to help out.
  • Praise him when he completes a chore successfully. However, be sure that you do not praise him in a condescending way, or he will not want to handle any more chores. Thank him when he does something that might have eased your burden. This will encourage him in the future.
  • Try doing chores together. This will give both of you a chance to spend time together, and will also make the task more enjoyable. Try playing music while doing the chores, to make the atmosphere more relaxed and less dull.

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