If you want to know how to get a child to take medication, read on. Given below are some tips to make your child take medicine.

How To Get Child To Take Medication

Getting a child to take medicine can prove to be one of the most trying tasks in the world, at times. Children are naïve and do not understand the relevance of medication they are being given. They are ruled by their own instincts and focus more on the external elements. They can become stubborn and extremely uncooperative, when it comes to having medicine. At this point of time, what parents require the most is patience. They should remember that being angry and yelling on the child will only aggravate the situation, yielding no results. The key to success in such a case is talking to your child. To know how to get your child to take medication, read on.
Tips to Make a Child Take Medicine
  • Listen to your child and try to understand the problem he faces in taking the medicine. This will help you to know the underlying reason as well as the remedy for the same.
  • As children do not understand the importance of the medication they are being given, they want to avoid it. Thus, make your child understand the significance as well as the benefits of the medicine, which will encourage him to take it.
  • If your child is supposed to take a particular medicine during school timings, he might fear that the other children will tease him or make fun of him. In such a case, talk to his school teacher and make arrangements to let him can have his medicines in private.
  • If you child faces problem in swallowing a medicine, try and make him do it in a fun filled manner. You can even give him his favorite drink to wash it down. Otherwise, you can break the tablet into smaller pieces to facilitate swallowing or if it is a capsule, you can pour the contents and mix into jam or sauce. Feed it immediately to the child, followed by a drink.
  • If your child dislikes the taste of a specific medicine, make him fill his mouth with a liquid and then pop the medicine inside. This will make the taste less noticeable. Moreover, you can make the child take the medicine with a sweet food item, which will cover the bitter taste of the medicine.
  • Make sure you praise the child or give him a small token of appreciation, after he takes his medicine. This will boost his morale and encourage him to take medicine easily the next time around.

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