Looking for some activities that will help keep your one year old baby busy? Browse a little further and get some learning activities for your 1 year old kid, which will help him have fun too.

One Year Old Activities

A baby is such a joy to be around with. He laughs for no reason and makes you smile along with him. When there is a baby at home, time seems to fly. You don’t come to know when morning turns into noon, noon into evening and evening into night. However, when a baby is growing, you need to be sure that you are making him indulge in the right of activities. This is because it is during this stage that he learns most of his skills. At the same time, remember that the activities that were good for him at 6 months will not have the same utility when he is 12 months old. In the following lines, we have provided some fun activities for a one year old kid, which will also serving his learning needs.
Activities for One Year Old Baby
When a baby is around 1 years old, he starts speaking a bit. This is the time you should read out stories to him. Make sure that the storybook you get for him has a lot of pictures in it. This way, he will keep himself busy by looking at the colorful photos and might eventually develop a habit of reading books. However, get a book that is sturdy enough to withstand his ‘destructive’ hands.
Emptying and Filling
Another activity that can easily catch the attention of a one-year old kid is that of emptying and filing. Give him a container and a wide dish. Fill the container with items such as raisins, which even if eaten by him will pose no problem. Show him how to take the raisins out of the container, into the dish, and then, how to put them back in. Leave him with both the things and see him learning as well as having fun.
Junk mail is no longer a problem for you; rather it can be one of the best ways to keep your toddler busy. Take out all your junk mail in front of your baby. First, show him how to take the letter out of the envelope and then, display the procedure of putting the letter back in. He will keep himself entertained, while you will hardly be concerned about the tearing of the letters.
When a child turns one year old, one of the best activities for him is stacking. It teaches him the necessary quality of balance. Get building bricks for him and teach him how to build a tower, knock it down and then build it again. While the building is all about balance, the knocking shows him that each of his activities leads to some or the other effect.

Kids love to scribble on paper, though they know nothing about alphabets, numbers or even colors. One of the fun activities for a one-year old is scribbling. Buy a large box of crayons for him and give him huge sheets of paper to play with. However, make sure that after giving him the crayons, you keep all the important documents out of his reach.

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