With an alarming rise in teen pregnancies, there is an urgent need to keep a check on lifestyle of teens. Check out the risk factors associated with teenage pregnancy.

Risks of Teen Pregnancies

Amongst the most gripping facts and horrors prevalent in the society, the one that truly sends shivers is that of teenage pregnancy. A 14 year old young girl, who has not even seen what life is all about, is the mother of a baby. One may find it hard to accept this fact, but it is the truth. Not many people know this, but girls have chances of becoming pregnant even before they reach puberty. One of the main reasons for rising teen pregnancies is lack of knowledge among teens and their parents. It is detrimental physically, mentally and emotionally and usually the damages are irreversible.
Risk Factors of Teenage Pregnancy 
  • The maximum damage occurs during the first four months of pregnancy. This is the time when the teen mother and fetus is at maximum risk because of lack of care. This is because of denial or fear of the society at large.
  • A girl’s body is still tender and maturing during teenage. Having a baby requires immense strength and good health. The bones are still growing and the muscles are still supple. Getting pregnant can physically damage the body and weaken to an extent where it can prove fatal.
  • There is a major risk of delivering a baby that is premature, under-weight or not developed fully. Sometimes, there may also be a still-birth. This is detrimental for both the mother as well as the newborn baby.
  • In case of unprotected sex, the chances of contracting sexually transmitted diseases are the maximum. In case the mother has a disease and is not treated for it, then there is a very high chance of the baby contracting it too.
  • The behavioral traits may carry on from the mother to the child. If a teen mother has had a daughter and has somehow managed to bring up the baby amidst bad conditions, there are very high chances that the kid might go ahead and become a teen mother herself.
  • The psychological damages that may be afflicted on the new born child could be retarded mental growth, autism, stunted brain development, etc. The physiological damages include weak bones, poor sensory development, etc.

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