Establishing a good relationship with your in-laws may seem a tad difficult but it is not really as bad as you think it is. Check out tips on how to establish a relationship with in-laws.

Establish A Relationship With In-laws

It is rightly said, ‘When you marry a guy, you don’t marry just him, but his entire family’. The girl moves in with her husband and tries to balance her new life as well as the new family. This sudden juggling may sometimes lead to tense moments that may set off sparks in the family. Every relationship needs effort to blossom and a little bit of effort in establishing a good rapport with your in-laws will go a long way in making sure you have a secure family life. Check out some tips on how to establish a relationship with your in-laws.
  • The first thing to be kept in mind is the fact that your in-laws are not the same as your parents. There is absolutely no point comparing them with your parents. So if your mom can put up with your tantrums, don’t expect the same from your in-laws.
  • Enter the family with an open mind. Don’t have assumptions or pre-conceived notions about your in-laws. Just as you would want them to know you better and not have assumptions, the same is the case with them.
  • If you have time, get to know your in-laws before you marry. By this, I don’t mean get to know them inside out. At least make an effort to have lunch with them, invite them over at your place or go to their place to spend an afternoon. Meet up sporadically so that they also get used to having you around.
  • Don’t try to come as too headstrong a person in front of them. If they feel strongly about something, just listen and don’t argue. If you have a point contrary to theirs, put it up in front of them as a suggestion or just an idea. Don’t thrust it on them.
  • Try to adapt to some of their habits and practices. This will make them accept you even more easily. Once they see you are adaptable and open to their way of thinking, they will automatically warm up to you. At the same time, don’t lose your individuality.
  • Try to do little things for them that they will value. Cook a surprise lunch or buy movie tickets just for them. Treat them and pamper them like you would want them to pamper you. Before you know it, you will be lovingly accepted as one of the most important members of the family.

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