For all those who are clueless about potty training their little girls, this article is just perfect. Check out the tips given here for toilet training girls.

Potty Training Girls

Potty training is an integral part of the growing up process of a child, be it a girl or a boy. It can be quite messy and even frustrating at times. However, it is one of the most important stages in the development and progress of toddlers. Obviously, the task of potty training a girl, mostly even a boy, falls in the hands of the mother only. Don’t worry! You can surely toilet train your little princess, all you need are some basic tips. In this article, we have provided complete information on potty training girls.
Tips for Toilet Training Baby Girls 
  • After you think your little princess is big enough to go the toilet on her own, it is the time to start toilet training.
  • The potty training starts as soon as you get out of the bed. When you go to the bathroom, take your little girl along with you. Let her see how you use the potty. After you are done with it, make her sit on the potty and tell her that it is her turn now.
  • If you received success in the previous step, make sure to praise your daughter (please don’t overdo). In the opposite case, react in a normal way and proceed to the next step.
  • Till now, you must have been using diapers for your child. Now, it is the time to stop using diapers and start using cloth undergarments, especially during the daytime. This will make her aware of the uncomfortable feeling when she pees or poops inside the cloth. The best will be to use thick cloth pull up underwear, which is easy to put on and take off.
  • Whenever your daughter pees or poops inside the underwear, take her to the bathroom and make her sit on the pot. Do this even if she is finished with her potty. Thereafter, dump the poop in the diaper in the pot and tell her this is where it belongs. Don’t be angry; say it with a smile on your face. It will help her realize the use of potty.
  • If your daughter doesn’t soil her undergarments for two hours at a stretch, take her to the bathroom and make her sit on the potty. You can even make the "pss psss” sound to facilitate the process. But, please be patient and let her take as much time as she wants.
  • Repeat the above two steps throughout the day. This will help her develop a habit of pooping inside the pot.
  • Usually kids pee while bathing. Be sure to make her sit on the pot a few minutes before bathing her. This will help her understand that she has to reach the pot before peeing.
  • Lastly, make your daughter sit on the potty just before putting her to sleep. Thereafter, put on a disposable diaper so that both of you can sleep soundly during the night.
  • Continue using the steps mentioned above, till the time you feel that you daughter is perfectly toilet trained.

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