Potty training for boys takes a bit longer than girls and requires patience. Check out tips on toilet training little boys.

Potty Training Boys

Most doctors say that little boys take longer to get toilet rained than girls. The prime reason for this is the fact that mothers are the ones who toilet train boys. Without a male role model, they find it a bit difficult to cope up with toilet training. They take a bit longer to get used to the idea of using the bathroom. Another reason is that toilet training for boys is a two-way process. They first need to learn it sitting down and then master it standing up. If you have been racking your brains over how to potty train boys, check out these tips below that will surely help you. 
  • Initially, train your little boy to do his daily ablutions sitting down. This makes them master the basic procedure first. Little kids often have bowl movements and urine at almost the same time and if you don’t want a mess in the bathroom, it is better to train him doing it sitting.
  • Little boys who have just started to walk and run around may have a bit of trouble balancing, peeing while standing. The last thing you want is to have him topple over and associate toilet training with pain! So train him for some months sitting down so that he can approach one thing at a time.
  • Once he knows how to use the bathroom by himself, you can teach him to urinate, standing up. Often, little boys insist on peeing like a ‘big boy’ and imitate their elder siblings or other men. Have his dad or big brother accompany him in the toilet and teach him how to pee without creating a mess.
  • You can also teach him how to aim inside the potty chair first and then slowly proceed to the toilet bowl. Little boys consider it no less than an achievement when they pee inside the bowl, standing up and without creating a mess. Praise him when he does that.

Be sure the toilet lid doesn’t come crashing down when he is peeing! Teach him he needs to flush the bowl after he is done, replace the lid and wash his hands. These things are also an integral part of his training and need to be taught along with other things. If the toilet bowl is a bit higher, have a low rise stool for him to stand on while peeing. Accompany him till he learns how to balance himself.

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