The road from diaper to potty chair is always a difficult one. If you are looking for ways on how to potty train your toddler, checking out these best potty training methods may help.

Best Potty Training Methods

Parents often find it the most challenging to train their toddler to use potty chair. Most parents eagerly anticipate this transition to happen too soon and can’t wait to have their new born get used to bathroom ways. However, remember no amount of pushing or fighting can get your child to pick up the habit early. Every child takes his/her own sweet time before he/she takes up this skill. In case you are planning to potty train your child, investing in a comfy child-sized potty may somewhat resolve your woes. Just fix a routine for your little one, and make him/her sit on it in a fixed time every day. However, if your child fusses over to sit on the potty, never force, as it might add to the inhibition. Exciting a toddler’s interest on the habit may help you win his/her attention and interest, thus making your problem easy. If you are one of those worried parents wondering on how to potty train your toddler, here are some of the tried and tested methods. Check out more on this here.
How To Potty Train Your Toddler
Frequency Method
Frequency method is one of the tried and tested ways to toilet-train your little one. All you have to do is to keep a track on the frequency of your child’s potty-hours for at least three days. This will help you to have a clear idea on how often your child poops and pees in a day. Next step is to make your child guzzle a lot of water and wait and watch. As soon as your child shows signs of uneasiness, immediately rush him/her to the potty chair and ask to pee. Repeat this for a couple of times, before your kid gets used to the idea and habit.
Naked Method
Naked method is one of the convincing ways to potty train your kid. If your kid is constantly on diapers, just allow your kid to go without diapers or his training pants and see the wonder happen. Most often the kids are so used to poop and pee on their diapers, that an experience little different from their regular ones may provoke a sudden reaction. When your child defecates on the floor, just ‘uh oh’ it and point him towards the potty, so that the next time he has an urge, he can associate it with the bathroom. Once your child reads the association, getting him to the potty won’t be much of a work for you.
Modeling Method
The modeling method is another useful method that can be employed to potty-train your tot. A child learns best by imitation. One of the best ways to introduce him to the whole concept of pottying is to give him a demonstration of it. Get a potty training doll and then make it drink plenty of water. Then ask your child to carry it to the bathroom. Make the child watch the entire process as you take off its underwear and place the doll on a potty chair. Bring the doll and child back and praise the doll and reward it too. Then, turn to your kid and tell him that he gets the same if he uses potty to relieve his needs.
Positive Reinforcement Method
If your kid loves to be praised and rewarded, positive reinforcement method might just work for him. Just try rewarding your kid every time he uses the potty to defecate. A new toy or a chocolate isn’t much to ask for in lieu of a healthy habit. So, if you are wondering on ways on how to potty train a little one, a bar of chocolate may just do the trick for you.

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