Moral stories have always influenced the physical, social and emotional development of kids positively. Read this article to find some popular and well-known short inspirational stories for children.

Moral Stories For Kids

Parenting a child is a gradual process, as it marks the inception of a child’s thought process and life-long habits. A great idea to shape up children's mind is to introduce them to the world of books. Since a young mind is like a blank canvas, books turn out to be good facilitators to inspire and educate kids, thereby filling the canvas with a riot of bright colors. Moral stories, additionally, help in creating beliefs and values in the young minds of children. They also teach children important values like honesty, bravery and hard work. Short moral stories are ideal for kids in inheriting strength in them to help them identify the difference between right and wrong and what to do and what not to do. Given here are some famous inspirational short stories that are sure to inspire and motivate your kids to the right path.
Famous Moral Stories For Children
The Farmer and The Stock
This story talks about a farmer who kept a trap to keep away the birds from eating his newly planted corns one evening. Next morning, he found many cranes and a stork among the group of birds caught on the net. He went up to the stork who at once started pleading stating that his parents are aged. The farmer replied that he might be true to his words, but is captured with the same group that was destroying his crop. The moral of the story: You are judged by the company you keep.
Clever Sheep
This is the story of a clever but a little careless sheep. One day, on being cornered by a wolf, he accepts his defeat and asks for a last wish. The sheep asks the wolf to sing a song, so that he can have his last dance. The wolf happily agrees and starts howling by throwing his head back. The howling brings along the farmers nearby, who drive away the wolf from the spot. The moral of the story: Don’t’ attempt anything that is beyond your ability.
Two Roosters
Two close rooster friends lived in a village. One day, they began fighting for supremacy in the farmyard. Finally, one was vanquished and the other won. The victor flew up to the roof of the barn and started shouting, “I’ve won, I’ve won”. An eagle flew down and carried him away. The left behind rooster found himself the unchallenged master of the farmyard. Moral of the story: The enemy is often defeated by his own pride.
The Horse and Soldier
A soldier cared a lot for his horse. During the entire war, he treated the horse as his fellow helper in all emergencies and fed him with hay and corn. Once the war was over, the soldier fed him with only chaff and made him carry loads of wood and ill treated him. War was proclaimed again. The soldier prepared the horse in military trappings and mounted after being clad in heavy coat of mail.  The horse fell straight away and said, “Proceed to the war on foot as you have transformed me from a horse into an ass. How can you expect me to turn again from an ass into a horse?” Moral of the story: Use the skill judiciously.
The Dog and The Shadow
A dog was crossing a bridge over a stream with a bone in his mouth. He saw his shadow in the water and assumed it to be another dog with a larger piece of bone in his mouth. He immediately opened his mouth and let the bone go out of his mouth to attack the other dog for the larger bone. Result - he lost both the bones. Moral of the story: Greediness is always a losing game.
Other Stories:
  • Little Red Riding hood
  • The Ugly Duckling
  • The Hare and The Tortoise
  • The Boy Who Cried Wolf
  • The Fox Without Tail
  • The Lion and The Mouse
  • The Father and His Sons
  • Cap or Slap
  • The Thief and His Mother
  • The Dreamy Milkmaid
  • The Wind and The Sun
  • The Cock and The Jewel
  • The Crow and The Pitcher
  • You Can’t Please Everyone

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