If you are looking forward for a proper upbringing of your child, you need to say ‘no’ at the appropriate time. Learn how to say no to your child.

How To Say No To Your Kids

There is a saying “spare the rod and spoil the child”. In today’s world when you spare the rod for good, the word no is the new weapon against the ‘Little Rascals’. You will be having some really difficult time when you are raising a child. As children grow up, their needs increase as well. “Mummy can I take dad’s watch to school?” and this is the least of the desires of your kid. “Nooo” comes your reply without a second thought. ‘No’ is an unavoidable word in the dictionary of parenting. Children at times, grow very fast and parents realize that very late. Home is a child’s first school and his/her parents are the first teachers. Actually, you’re doing a disservice to your child by always caving in for anything and everything. Saying ‘no’ will teach your child how to deal with reality, how to overcome road blocks and provide valuable life skills. If you want your child to be brought up the best way, learn to say ‘no’ in the best way possible. Given here are some ways on how you can say ‘no’ positively to your kids.

Saying No To Your Children
It is not easy for a parent to always say ‘no’ to their children. Learn how to say ‘no’ to your kids in the best possible way.
Find An Alternative
It is hard for both the parent and the child saying and hearing a ‘no’ always. Why not try an alternative to that horrifying word ‘no’. For example, an alternative to a question like “Mom can I have another chocolate?” the answer should be “yes, but later” and not a stiff ‘no’. It is hard to fight against ‘yes, later’ than a ‘no’. It is always the word ‘no’ that annoys your child more.

Before saying no to anything and everything that they come up with, indulge in some serious talks with them. Listen to their needs and listening means keeping eye-to-eye contact and enquiring about the matter seriously rather than giving them a pretention of being heard. If the explanation that they provide you is worth a rethink, you can change your ‘no’ to a ‘yes’.

Money Matters
Money is the thing that causes a lot of trouble between the parent and the child. It is actually good parenting to set boundaries and saying ‘no’. Every parent should say ‘no’ at least three times they say yes. If you give into every whim of your child then your child will not understand the value of money. You should make children understand that money doesn’t come easily and so they can’t get it easily. Give them a better understanding of money matters at a very young age so that they realize that all their whims and fancies are not to be heard.
It Should Be A Firm ‘No’
When you say a ‘no’ that should be a firm one so that your child will think twice before asking for the same thing again. At no chance you should change your answer to ‘yes’, as this will make your child woo you for a positive reply every time you say him ‘no’.
Avoid Saying No For Everything
Too much of ‘no’ can make your child feel powerless and less important. This can even affect him/her mentally as well. So try saying ‘no’ only to things that are important and be a little permissive on the less important things.
‘No’ Should Be A Guideline
There are positive aspects to the word ‘no’. Children often feel protected and reassured when the parents give them firm guidelines. Always realize that some ‘no’ set firm parameters to the children that lend a feeling of security in your child.

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