Most women who have just had a child would want to know whether to breastfeed the child or feed him/her with a bottle. Here are the arguments in favour of each.

Bottle Feeding Vs. Breastfeeding

The debate is as old as the baby bottle and its theme is – which is better for feeding the child with – a mother’s breast or the bottle. There have been very many arguments in favour of and against each of the two, though ultimately, the choice is left to the mother. Much has been written about the suction pump that was invented to ease lactating mothers off the pain, of having to breastfeed the child or even get rid of their dilemma of having to miss out on work for the child. It uses vacuum, as a means to suck milk from a mother’s breast, the same way a baby does, and transfer it straight to the bottle. Though it does not guarantee the intimacy and bonding that breastfeeding can help nurture, it does let the mother take some well-deserved rest. There are many more arguments in favour and against each of these. To know more about them, read on. 

Pros And Cons Of Breastfeeding & Bottle Feeding


  • The first and the most primary advantage to breastfeeding a newborn child is that, it is part of the natural bonding process. It is important to bond as early as possible, and this form of bonding begins from the very first day the child is born. Breastfeeding is one method that creates a powerful bond between mother and child, not just physically but emotionally as well. Knowing that you are nourishing your child with your own body can also be emotionally gratifying.
  • It is during breastfeeding that the mother’s body naturally burns more calories. This will result in less weight, as the extra weight will burn off more quickly. Since, most women often worry about losing the excess baggage of weight after pregnancy; they should seriously give it a thought.
  • The most important concern during breastfeeding is the health of not only the child but also the mother. It has been discovered through scientific studies, and medical case studies, that women who feed their child in this manner are less susceptible to developing serious health complications, like breast cancer and even ovarian cancer. 
  • Breastfeeding puts a lot of pressure on the body of the mother, which is one of the first disadvantages that women face with it. Ultimately, as a mother, you will be responsible for every single feeding that your child experiences. Though it is possible for you to pump breast milk into a bottle, and have someone else, for instance your husband, feed the child, but even that option is not without its hassles.
  • Often, while and after breastfeeding, women complain of feeling tired and drained. This happens because breastfeeding is an activity that causes the drainage of a lot of energy. As if that was not enough, women also begin to feel dryness around the nipples and other aches or pains too, which are normal in the process of nursing a child. Though it is considered one of the big flipsides of feeding through the breast, it is easy to get rid of these feelings with a number of prescription as well as over the counter medicines. 
Bottle Feeding
  • The best part about feeding the child with a bottle is that, when the bottle comes into the picture you can take a rest and your husband can step in and take charge of a child that’s his too! That way, the child will bond with his/her father too, while you can take some much needed rest!
  • The fatigue, aches, and pains, that are normally associated with breastfeeding would not come into the picture, if you were to feed the child through the bottle. In addition, you will encounter more sexual freedom if you turn to the bottle.
  • Some women, who occupy very important positions in their workplaces and thus do not get enough leaves to breastfeed the child for a longer period of time, have no better option except to turn to the bottle. If you are also one of those mothers who have to return to work within two months of delivery, bottle-feeding is the only other option left for you.
  • As a new set of parents, with the coming of your child, you are bound to feel a little crunched up on the budget of the family. Formula milk, cow’s milk, soymilk, or any other form of it – is quite expensive.
  • More often than not, babies face more problems with gas and air swallowing in case of an artificial nipple than they feel with a mother’s nipple.

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