Parent teacher relationship is one of the factors that are essential to your child’s success. Read on to know how to build good parent teacher communication.

Parent Teacher Communication

“Mata, Pita, Guru, Devam.” This is a well-known Sanskrit saying in India. First should be the place of mother in one’s life then the father after which comes the teacher and only after that, God should be considered. A successful man will attribute his success to his parents’ as well as his teachers. Both parents and teachers play a very important role in the proper upbringing of children. While the parents play the role of a teacher at home it is the teacher who adorns the role of a parent at school.Today, most of the parents, acknowledge the critical role that teachers play in the development of a child. As a matter of fact, you can find a good rapport between a teacher and a parent these days. It’s not that you can just go to the school and befriend your child’s teacher; there are certain ways by which you can make the relationship more cordial and work on your child together. Read on to know how to build good communication between teacher and the parents.
How To Build Good Communication Between Parents And Teacher 
  • There are many ways by which a parent and the teacher can both work hand in hand for the well-being of the child. The commitment that they both have is big. If there is anyone else who knows a child better other than his parents is his/her teacher. There are many things that are to be learnt about a child than his/her report card or his/her behavior. A child has ambitions, hopes, interests, and dreams and everything cannot be known to the parents as the child spends a good time at school. A teacher has a fatter chance to know about it. So, if the parent and the teacher work together they can build up those hidden talents in the child and help him/her chase his dream.
  • Teachers can prepare questionnaires asking about the interests, hobbies, and areas that need attention of their children for the parents. Parents can provide answers for that, which will in turn help teacher evaluate the child and his work accordingly.
  • Parents and teachers should be like mutual informants. For example, try to confide in the teacher the kind of stress your child has to go through due to a family crisis. Like in case of a divorce the worse affected will be the child, so the parent can very well give the hint to the teacher so that the teacher can help the child out of it.
  • An open line of communication is always welcome. It would be good if the teacher discusses with the parent the way their child behaves at school or with the peers, or how he is coping up with his peers etc. They can also let the parent know about the happenings of the school. This can aid the parents in helping the child adjust to the school atmosphere if he/she is facing a problem at school.
  • There should be a regular means of communication between the parent and the teacher through e-mails or phones.
  • For parents, it is always helpful to be well aware of the rules and regulations of the school. This can help the parent teach the child to abide by the rules and regulations of the school and prevent him/her from taking any unruly steps against school’s laws.
  • Parents are generally seen only mentioning the complaints to a teacher. Why not give a word of appreciation or two to the teacher if she/he influences your child in a good manner. You can either e-mail the teacher or send a personal note to the teacher.

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