Co-sleeping or bed sharing with your baby has a number of advantages than you could imagine. Learn how to provide your child a healthy upbringing by co-sleeping.

The Pros Of Co-Sleeping

In an independent study, Harvard psychiatrist Michael Commons and his colleagues found that babies who were left to sleep alone had a fat chance of getting stress disorders. Modern world has a crib culture of more than 200 years and is still proud to persevere with it. In a world where children tend to grow up fast both emotionally and physically, at least some of you might not be really excited about it. When the 9 years boy of yours, refuses a hug that you gave him, will you realize that something has gone wrong? Most of the parents boast of the independent nature of their babies, and would love to watch their baby pick his/her own bootie straps, however little do we realize that with this independence, they need security, love, and affection too. Parents pile their babies up with artificial toys that has heart beats, sing lullabies and even snore, not realizing that babies can get all these for free. The belief that co sleeping hinders the independent nature of the baby is a cultural myth that you are forced to believe. In fact, the opposite is true. If you want your baby to have a healthy life, both emotional and physical, go for co-sleeping. Learn the pros of co-sleeping in the article given below.
The Benefits Of Co-Sleeping 

Immunological Benefits
Co-sleeping is the best advice to a mother who wants to have her baby, grow really fit and healthy. Breastfeeding is much more convenient while co sleeping, and you and your baby needn’t wake fully for it. It is a proven fact that co-sleeping moms tend to breast-feed their babies twice as long as moms who prefer not to sleep with their babies. Breast milk is the best sustenance that any baby can get and studies have shown that babies who sleep with their moms have greater immunological benefits as the baby is assured of getting optimal nutrition even at the night. The babies who co-sleep with their parents tend to enjoy a healthy life in the future. 

Psychological Growth
Babies who have been lucky enough to share the bed with their parents grow up to become more independent than their counterparts. Studies have revealed that they show a greater self-esteem with a better emotional security and tend to adjust to any circumstances. They tend to keep the trust of their parents more. This is a complete blow to the notion that co-sleeping can be harmful for the psychological growth of infants. 

Reduces The Risk Of SIDS
SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is quite common with babies that are left alone to sleep. Either in the cradle or on the bed they are not safe, if left alone. It is found that babies who sleep with their parents imitate their breathing pattern, which reduces the risk of babies to slip into sleep apnea wherein babies can have irregular breathing patterns. Your rhythmic breathing pattern can help settle the baby’s respiratory system by helping baby to remember to breathe. SIDS is most common with children between the age group of 6 months and 2 years and an underdeveloped nervous system can be its reason. Your rhythmic breathing can be a reminder to the baby for breathing! 

There is no better place for a baby than to sleep all cuddled up to its mother. The baby will have a feeling of safety and its parents also can’t escape from that feeling of closeness. This matter with infants more if both the parents are working during the day. The love and care that rests in the heart of any mother can be showered by sleeping with the baby. Both the baby and the parents can sleep happier and longer and this way those invisible bonds of love also get strengthened. 

Better Sleep
In a co-sleep, both the parents and the baby can sleep longer without much of a trouble. A baby feels more secure when snuggled to its parents. It is much easier to resettle the baby as the baby is sleeping with you. Co sleeping makes bedtime routines easier and less struggling. A family bed can help your baby have a restful and relaxing sleep as the baby has a feeling of security there.

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