Inevitable though they may be, it is often a matter of embarrassment to handle your toddler’s tantrums publicly. Here’s how to do so.

How Do I Handle Toddler Tantrums In Public?

“I want to go home, now!!” your child begins to scream even as you try to finish up with the grocery store job that you have been postponing for quite some time. Even as you sigh in exasperation, you wonder whether you had read the signs that such a tantrum was on its way. You must have either heard your child whine or repeat the same words like “I am hungry, mom.” You pick up the crying child, carefully avoiding the judgmental looks that people might be giving you. In the meantime, you wonder as to whether there is a way to handle these tantrums publicly and save your face in front of strangers and acquaintances. If you want answers to such questions, read on about handling temper tantrums publicly.
Handling Toddler Tantrums In Public 
Here are some ways in which you can handle your toddler’s temper tantrums when at a public gathering: 

Grocery Store
If your child throws the tantrum at a grocery store, it may be easy for you to distract him, by either buying candy or a bar of chocolate to nibble at. Toddlers would do almost anything to gain your attention. Show them something they are bound to like and will catch their interest. Since many of them begin to learn the names of colours, of fruits and vegetables at this age, you could use it to your advantage and to distract your child – ask him to find out how many colours they can find in the vegetables section or how many different fruits they can name. 

Toddlers may throw a tantrum when you and your family are having a meal outside, for various reasons – their sleeping or eating patterns may have been disturbed, or they may not really like the food or they may want to go to the toilet. If it is a genuine issue, address it – lull him to sleep if he is sleepy or take him to the restroom if that is what they need. If they do not like the food, do not try and force it down their throats. Give them the choice to not eat and go straight for the dessert. 

Someone’s House
If the little one chooses to throw the temper tantrum when you are surrounded by people you do not know, it is relatively easy to handle. However, when you are surrounded by acquaintances, you are very scared of losing your face. If there are children around, it might be slightly easy for you to distract them, but when there are no kids of your child’s age, it would do you well to carry your child’s teddy or favourite soft toy with you so that it is easy for you to distract him. You could also carry a game or toy that he loves and could play with for hours. 

Some Tips

  • Remember the word of advice that has been handed down from generations – one paisa of prevention is worth many rupees of cure. If you can see the signs of an oncoming tantrum easily, you may be able to distract your little one before it blows into a full-fledged tantrum, complete with the kicking and the rolling on the floor. Many a times, parents forget to read the warning signs – the repeated complaints, the whining and so on. Carefully notice what the signs are and make a note of it, so that you can prevent it the next time.
  • If all your efforts to avoid a tantrum go down the drain and your child still begins to wail loudly and kick around, excuse yourself and pick up the child and return to the car. Let the child sit at the backseat and cry as much as he wants and try reasoning or talking when he quietens down. If you are at a restaurant, you could pay and get your food packed for home
  • Another age-old advice – love conquers all. If your child is at a grocery store and begins to wail loudly, just pick him or her up in your arms and try to soothe the child. Children are often afraid that their parents will not be good with them if they are too demanding – it is up to you to get rid of such insecurity. Shouting or screaming, on the other hand will only deepen their insecurity.
  • Remember to talk to your child in a controlled and even tone – it is all right for you to lose your temper but losing control is unforgivable for you. 
  • As we are all aware, children throw tantrums when their normal eating and sleeping routine is disturbed so you should take care to see to it that your child is well fed and has had enough rest. If your child wishes to sleep, lull him to sleep. Especially if you are at a social gathering at someone’s place, people are bound to make accommodations for your child to sleep.

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