Children need to learn discipline right from when they are toddlers. Explore the article to know the toddler discipline tips.

Toddler Discipline Tips

Children are the little wonders of nature. It is amazing to see a part of you, growing in front of you, and still making you feel complete. Their cute voices, their dazzling smiles, beautiful eyes are all full of curiosity. You want to give them all the happiness and comfort in the world. You want them to grow up and get all the success in life. You must have heard about the importance of the foundation. In order to help your child grow well mentally, physically and psychologically, you need to lay the foundation of discipline right from when they are toddlers. Explore the article to know the tips for disciplining tots.

Disciplining Your Toddler
  • The parents who never say no to their children are the parents who dig potholes for their children’s future. Learning to say no from as early as they are toddlers will help them in disciplining them and teach them in knowing the limits. However, don’t use threatening voices but be firm and sound convincing.
  • Toddlers would try to do many things at a same time or do something like going near the pool etc, then you can use the distraction method. Distract them with some activities. You can choose activities, which are opposite to the behavior your child is showing.
  • Children tend to repeat a certain behavior just to irritate you. Sometimes ignoring a child may make him/her stop what he/she is doing. Don’t try to make a big deal about everything. It will only make your child adamant as all he/she would be hearing is no and that will prompt him/her to rebel and repeat the action.
  • Most parents want to protect their child from any kind of discomfort and inconvenience. However, what they don’t know is by knowing the consequences of his/her acts, a child is learning to be responsible for his/her deeds. For instance if your child break his/her toy intentionally, don’t buy him/her the same toy again for long time and tell him/her the reason why you are not buying him/her the toy. It may seem harsh but your child will not repeat the action again.
  • Don’t be too much lenient in their daily ritual. Put them to bed on time even when they don’t want to sleep. Let them know that some things cannot be taken for granted.
  • Prevention is better than cure. This is true for the toddlers too. The discipline problems would be easier to prevent than to deal with it later.
  • Use the reasoning method with your child. However, it should be done in order to encourage desirable behavior and discipline.
  • You need to encourage cooperation to help your child develop social behavior. Instead of ordering something, just ask him/her in soft words.
  • Instead of succumbing to their demand or tantrum, either completely ignore the behavior or leave the place.
  • Make sure that you are consistent in your agenda of disciplining your child otherwise; all the plans would go haywire.

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