Disciplining your teens can be a challenging task, as they are undergoing a transitional phase of their life. Read the article for some tips on how to discipline teenagers.

How To Discipline Teenagers

Teenage is the transition phase of a person's life, when he/she is attempting to forge an independent identity, moving out of the shadow of parents. Owing to this, a teenage child can challenge the authority of parents and become difficult to discipline. In such a case, parents should understand that it is a tender phase of their teenager's psychological development and imposing boundaries forcefully can drive him/her to rebellion. The article dwells upon the subject of how to positively discipline teenagers, at length. Read on to know some valuable tips.
Tips For Disciplining Your Teens
Give Them Independence
At the teenage phase of their child, parents struggle to accept the fact that he/she is growing up and will soon embark upon an independent journey. They need to acknowledge that their child is not the same toddler who used to hold their hand tightly, while crossing the road. Kids look up to their parents for direction, but as age progresses, they want autonomy and freedom to make their own decisions. Young children will be difficult to discipline, if the parents are too intrusive. It is necessary to let them take their own decisions, but be there to guide them whenever needed.
Set Clear Boundaries
Disciplining your teenager can be increasingly difficult in the absence of clearly demarcated boundaries. Let your children know that certain limits are not meant to be crossed and they are expected to observe discipline at home. Teenage is accompanied by a strong feeling to break free of all barriers and therefore, strict boundaries can make your youngster feel throttled. So, don't set boundaries that are impossible to be respected. If you want, you can indulge in a discussion with your child and keep mutually acceptable boundaries.
Be Friendly
You can't behave like an authoritarian and expect your teenagers to quietly follow your orders. Youngsters will be instigated to rebel, if they are forced to carry out your will. You words will fail to carry weight, if your attitude is tyrannical. Be friendly with your teenage kids and clearly state what type of behavior is expected from them. Youngsters will not feel tempted to break the rules when their parents are friendly. Earn their respect with your friendly attitude and see your decisions being respected.
Warn Them About The Possible Consequences
Rogue and undisciplined teenagers will, obviously, invite a lot of troubles upon themselves. As a parent, it is your responsibility to make your children think in a futuristic way and warn them of the possible consequences of wrong actions. For instance, if your youngster is avoiding homework, you need to tell him/her that it will adversely affect his/her image in school and incur the wrath of the teachers. Make your teens foresee the result of leading a maverick's life, so that they can understand the benefits of being organized.
Lead By Example
Your teenage children may not idolize you, but they surely look up to you. So, you need to set an encouraging example for them. You will want youngsters to be disciplined enough to follow the rules, but might not be setting the right example for them to follow. If you want them to avoid late night movies, but chance upon every late night party in the town, they would hardly listen to you. This is certainly not the way to go. The Idea is to lead by example.

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