The learning styles of children are varied and it is best to teach them in their respective styles only. Read the article to know about the different learning styles for kids.

Learning Styles Of Children

Different children have different learning styles. Every child responds to a certain way of learning things. Since every child has a learning style different from that of the other, he/she should be made to learn using the approach or technique that suits his/her learning style, so as to obtain optimal results. A child’s learning behavior needs to be understood at an early age, so that he/she can be taught accordingly. At times, people fail to understand this and accuse their child of being insincere and less gifted than others. The article looks into the different leaning styles for kids and tries to explore them fully. Go through the information given below and try to identify the learning style of your own child.
Different Learning Styles For Kids
Visual Style
Visuals are the most common way of identifying and learning things. Studies establish that 80 percent of what we learn is through visuals. Everything that we do or learn has a visual aspect to it. A child who is a visual learner will enjoy reading or looking at books and pictures. Visual learners also like to solve puzzles. Such children struggle to remember information they can’t picture in their mind. However, visual learners are also prone to get distracted, because they tend to lose focus the moment they see something more visually interesting, in their vicinity. It is important to minimize the visual distractions while teaching such children. If possible, write down or demonstrate things to draw the attention of a visual learner.
Auditory Style
The sense of sound is the learning point in many children and they can be called auditory learners. They tend to remember things they hear. Such children gather valuable information by listening to sounds. Conversations are the source of their knowledge and they like telling jokes and stories. Auditory learners are also attentive to class lectures and prefer listening to their teachers. Sounds are the best medium of instruction for these children and therefore, they don’t get easily bored with the classes. The best way to learn for auditory learners is to sit in a quiet place and read out loud from the book. They should be encouraged to speak their answers, rather than writing and getting them rectified.
Kinesthetic Style
Kinesthetic leaner is the one who loves to explore things on his/her own and learn from his/her findings. Such kids are understood to be quick learners. They are the ones who enjoy moving and touching everything to see them and know how things operate. Such children enjoy sports and other physical activities. This learning style is also referred to as the Tactile learning style. These children need the least guidance among the three categories, because of their need to discover things on their own. Kinesthetic learners should be allowed to move freely and utilize as many activities as possible. They might have problem with keeping their focus intact, so you might need to use a timer or clock and fix a time limit for them to complete any learning task.

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