For the proper growth of your infants, it is necessary to provide them with lots of stimulating activities. Learn here some simple and easy stimulating activity ideas for your babies.

Stimulating Activities For Infants

Nothing can compare the bliss of the first time you hold your baby in your arms. After the hustle-bustle of the nine months of pregnancy and the overwhelming period of delivery, you are blessed with a baby. Isn’t it amazing, how a part of you can bring such completeness in you? You feel more complete, more responsible and become a better person. With a baby, comes lots of responsibility. Beginning a life with your baby can be awesome and at the same time, overpowering, especially if you are a first-time parent. You want to provide him/her an excellent environment for growth, but have no idea how to do it. A great way to enhance your baby’s natural development is to providing him/her with a stimulating environment. Infants learn through their senses and an inspiring environment will help enhance their development process. Read on to know how you can enhance your infants' development, with the help of some stimulating activities.
Stimulating Activity Ideas For Babies 
  • The good-old game of making funny faces can help your child develop in a better way. Choose a time when the baby is in a mood to play. Make different faces and laugh with him. Look at him directly and try to evoke his interest, which shouldn’t be hard to do. Make different faces like smile, frown, sticking your tongue out or opening your mouth wide. Your child should be able to see you properly and there are chances that he may try to imitate you too. This will help stimulate the baby’s social and visual development. In addition, it will promote the bond between you and your child and thus, make him more emotionally stable.
  • Your tickle can enhance the sense of touch in your baby and help in promoting body awareness, while giving you a chance to know him better physically. Take a cotton ball or a feather and gently move it across his body. He would laugh uncontrollably, bringing a smile on your face as well. You can simply graze your hand to evoke tickle as well. However, don’t overdo the tickling, as it may tire him.
  • With the help of different colorful toys, you can present a show in front of your child. Make different sounds for different toys. Studies have shown that such an activity stimulates the sight and sound senses of a baby and promote visual and sensory development.
  • Some of the simplest games, like the peek-a-boo, clapping and even hide and seek, stimulate the growth of a baby. You can even sing lullabies and read stories to him. It will help him develop better and faster.
  • Babies are fine imitators, so encourage them to imitate. It helps in developing a sense of spatial relation and stimulates senses as well. Show excitement and cheer them, if they try to imitate any sound.
  • Invest in some musical toys and attach them in the baby's crib. You can also provide him with wooden sticks or drums to create noises. This will enhance his hearing skill and also help him differentiate different noises and sounds.
  • Provide your infants with colorful plastics toys and blocks and play the game of separating different color blocks along with them.
  • You can enhance your baby's olfactory skills by providing him different things to smell, like soaps, perfumes, flowers, foods, etc.
  • If they can crawl, let your kids toddle on different surfaces. It will increase their sense of touch. You can also increase it by letting them touch different objects or fabrics with different textures.
  • When you are bathing your baby, let him experience the splash. Talk to him, while you are feeding or bathing him. Tell them about his organs when you are playing with him and encourage him to look for sounds.

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