Teething is no doubt a very painful experience for your baby, which you need to ease by following the right tips. Read on to learn how to reduce the teething pain of your child.

How To Reduce Teething Pain

When you are blessed with a small bundle of joy, you get filled with nurturing instincts automatically. You become more caring as well as sensitive. A little whimper of your child is enough to put you in a sad mood, not to talk about the whole throated cry. But what if your otherwise happy baby starts fussing and crying all the time and the reason is nothing, but teething. Although teething pain largely depends on heredity factors (say if the mother, father, or both had an early and painful teething, there are chances that the baby also will suffer from it), you can still use some methods you can use to reduce the pain, if not actually remove it. Read on to know how reduce the teething pain of your little one.
Tips To Ease Teething Pain
Chewing Toys
One thing that you can do to reduce your baby’s teething pain is provide him something to chew on, as it helps alleviate the discomfort. Give him liquid filled rings or rubber toys. You can also get a number of products from the market, for this purpose. To reduce the pain further, freeze the toys and give them to your baby. The chill soothes the gums and helps reduce the pain, at least temporarily.
For some babies, nursing often reduces the teething pain. This will not only provide food to the baby, but also comfort him. You can even freeze the breast milk for the purpose. If your child eats food other than your breast milk as well, providing him with chilled foods, like chilled yogurt, pulp of peaches or even a banana, will do the trick.
Hard Cookies/ Biscuits
You can give your child hard cookies or biscuits to chew on. They are nutritious as well, thus being much better than the chewing toys available in the market. You would easily find cookies specially made for teething purposes. Buy them in flavors that your baby enjoys and give them for chewing.
Cold Water
You can also give your baby cold water for drinking. It will numb the gum and reduce the pain. But do so, only when the weather is warm and your child is able to drink it. Otherwise, he may catch cold or even flu.
Another thing what you can do is to freeze a clean cloth and wrap it around your finger. Now, gently massage your baby’s gum with it. He will feel an instant relief. You can also give him the cloth to chew upon. If he is too small to eat chilled fruits, freeze them, wrap them around a very cold cloth and give them for chewing on.
Teething Gels
Teething gels are also available in the market, which can help reduce the pain and discomfort experienced by your baby. However, if the pain persists for long, you can need to consult your doctor and ask him to give your child some medication.

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