Babysitting can be fun and exciting. Explore this article to know how to babysit properly.

How To Babysit

When you talk about babysitting, the image, which comes to your mind, is of a teenager looking for easy bucks. However contrary to the opinion that babysitting is an easy job, it is a very difficult occupation and needs a lot of care and concern. Babysitting is your cup of tea only if you like staying with babies. It needs lots of patience and knowledge about how to care and comfort the child. With the right knowledge and right inclination, babysitting can be made fun and enjoyable. Read on to know the tips for babysitting to be the best babysitter around your area.
Babysitting Tips
  • Whether you are babysitting to earn some bucks or if you are doing favor for somebody, you need to prepare for the job. If you are asked to babysit for a certain period of time, check your schedule to make sure that you are available for the day.
  • It is always better to familiarize yourself with the baby before you actually babysit him/her. Visit the house and have a talk with the parents and stay some time with the baby. The familiarity will help when you babysit him/her.
  • The day you are babysitting, take all the emergency phone numbers you may need. Know the food the child likes and if he/she were an infant then how many times, it would need feeding.
  • Write down all the instructions from the parents about babysitting their child. Know where all the diapers, feeding bottles, and clothes are kept.
  • Have an idea where you want to stay while you are babysitting. The room should be baby proof.
  • Never in any case babysit near a pool or an open area where child can fall into something.
  • It is always better to have a proper training in advance if you plan to give the baby a bath. Make sure that you don’t leave the baby even for one minute while giving him/her bath and don’t extend the bath time even if the baby enjoys it. He/she may catch cold.
  • Never in any case leave the baby out of your sight. Keep the baby in an area where you can scan them all the time.
  • You could also take a class for babysitting if you are doing it for the first time. Also, don’t start babysitting for the first time with an infant as they need special care.
  • Put them to bed when you are instructed to by the parents. Stay with the baby until they are asleep if they are very small.
  • Babysitting can be tiring but make sure that you don’t leave the baby to do something on his/her own. It can be quite boring too but you can play with him/her and the baby will love it too.
  • Security of the house is also your responsibility. So make sure that everything is properly locked and don’t open doors for anyone before peeing from the keyhole.
  • Be there for the kids even after they have retired for the bed. They may need you. Enjoy what you are doing, as unless you enjoy what you do the kids would not enjoy your company.

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