Toddlers can be total nuisance at times with their raging tantrums and changing moods. Knowing how to deal with them may help. Here are some great parenting tips and advice for toddlers.

Parenting Tips For Toddler

Parenting a toddler may be quite a game, only if you know how to bend the rules! Toddlers can be a real bunch of troubles at times and knowing how to deal with them can only make parenting stress-free. After all, this is one time when your child can run a riot with his high energy, irk you with his unending curiosity, shock you with his impulsiveness, annoy you with his temper tantrums and worry you with his selfishness. Just before you jump the gun, you need to understand that this exploring, curious, unruly self of your child is just a passing phase and will be over, as he/she grows up. Toddlers don’t come with in-built rules, so trying to discipline them may be quite a challenge. Remember, all your snubbing and nagging will make little sense to the little one. A little thought and smart handling is all that you need to keep your child in check. Here are some really helpful tips for your assistance. Read them and get inspired. Happy parenting!
Parenting Toddlers - Tips & Advice
  • Your toddler probably loves to have fun in the tub or altogether dreads the experience. For those toddlers who simply hate to go down in the tub, distraction seems to be the key. Bathing your little one is important to your child’s wellbeing and overall health and hygiene. Skipping daily bath is no way to deal with your toddler’s bathroom tantrums. However, you can make bathing more fun for your tiny tot with some simple alluring ideas. Try distracting them with squeaky toys, bath toys, bubble baths, music, spray bottles and more. With time, your child with get friendly with bathroom gadgets, water and the schedule and bathing would be no longer a dreaded chore for you and your little tot.
  • Is brushing your toddler’s teeth no less than a power struggle for you? Cleaning your kid’s teeth is probably one of the toughest bet for parents and putting them into this good habit is never easy. Oral hygiene of your child is a major concern that cannot be left ignored. Once your child’s tooth erupts, you can use a moist cloth to wipe it gently. To make brushing less of a battle and more of an entertaining habit for your toddler, try having fun while brushing. You can take your toddler to pick up fanciest of toothbrush, or allow him to brush your teeth, while you brush his. As he picks up on the habit, brushing will become less of a chore and more of a fun.
  • Does your tot get into a fit of rage, flailing around, biting and hitting anyone and everyone under his reach? Dealing with your toddler’s temper tantrums may not be easy. Most often these angry outbursts are triggered, due to perplexed emotions, usually ranging from anger to fear to frustration to curiosity to inviting attention and more. While hitting your little one is a complete no-no, make sure to correct his behavior at once. Kids are reasonable and once you have identified with their wants, reasoning with them may help. Ignoring the behavior will help your kid understand his no-win situation. With a little practice and persistence, you can easily take charge of the situation and call for peace.
  • Toddlers are totally drawn towards their belongings and may often refuse to share their toys and other stuffs. It’s wrong to read their behavior as selfish, since the young ones are too young to understand the value of their own things. Most parents run and confiscate the toys, when a toddler refuses to share. It’s indeed a blunder. Remember, as your child grows used to the toys and playing, he will learn to share.
  • Does your kid blurt out a ‘no’ at everything you say and do? Well, you may be surprised to know, but kids often pick up this habit from their elders, who never skip a chance to say ‘don’t do it’, ‘don’t touch that’, ‘don’t go there’ and the list is just endless. When all your little one gets to hear is a ‘no’, it is likely for him/her to do the same. How about trying to reward your kid instead of rebuffing him all the time? Positive reinforcements indeed work better than the ‘don’t mess with me’ attitude. Think about it!

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