Children aren’t safe anymore and have to be taught how to defend themselves. Here are some unarmed self-defense tips for children.

Unarmed Self-Defense Tips For Children

The world is a rather unsafe place to be in, with increasing number of kidnapping cases and children being repeatedly molested. Most parents are unable to convince themselves into letting their children play in the park near the home, for the fear of being told that they have been kidnapped or harmed in any other way. It also, on the other hand, drives a knife through our hearts to have to stop the children from playing, because it is not only impractical, but will also end up making the kids unable to deal with the world outside. Wouldn’t it be great if your children knew some methods of defending without the use of any arms so that they can safeguard themselves. In fact, there are methods by which, instead of using the moves taught in their karate classes, children can just raise an alarm and attract attention when someone is trying to harm them. Here are some tips for unarmed self-defense that one can teach children.
Self Defense Moves For Children
Run Baby, Run 
The first among the unarmed self defense tactics that children can put to use when they are suspicious of someone is to run away or try to avoid the scene altogether. You will have to explain to them with the use of examples. They have to be able to judge possible situations wherein a stranger might want to hurt them or cause harm to them. If the person tries to befriend them by asking them questions about themselves, the child must know that he or she is not to divulge anything. It is usually rather easy to spot a suspicious character – all one needs to tell the child is to be observant and to be alert to the signals. The next thing a child should do is to avoid any conversations with the stranger, no matter how friendly he or she may seem. You will also have to educate your child never to go along with any stranger who you have not formally introduced.
Yell And Raise Hell 
Though you are bound to be a little unsure of this method, you should know that shouting, yelling or making a scene when someone is trying to create trouble for them works wonders. It makes people aware of the fact that something is not quite right and that they should take note of the situation and intervene. People usually do not know of the fact that something is wrong till someone raises an alarm, which is exactly what your child should do. Once people have been alerted, they are sure to come and intervene.
Here are some self-defense moves that a child can easily make use of: 
  • Head butts are an excellent for a beginning – the children should be able to identify the position in which they should butt their heads so that they can give the hardest impact. Also, they have to know how to aim the head butt right at the person’s nose, which is a rather sensitive body part and will easily unsettle the assailant
  • The groin of the assailant is perhaps the most vulnerable area that will always be a part of any self-defense coaching session. If the assailant is moving, he will not have the time to protect his groin, and, as we, all accept, hitting them or kicking in the groin has the most surefire impact.
  • The ankle is another vulnerable area where a child could aim his/her kick, much to the surprise of the assailant. It will not only hurt him, but also slow him down, as he will not be able to walk too fast with a hurt ankle.
  • Your child could also dig his or her teeth into the flesh of the assailant in such a way that his grip on your child loosens.

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