Why take a child to the movies when you can read to him/her instead? Find your way through this article to know more on the benefits of reading to children.

Benefits Of Reading To Children

Reading! Now can there really be anything bad about it? Well, maybe there can if the literature you read instigates you to do things you really don’t want to do and shouldn’t be doing too. However, as far as reading to a child or children goes, there really can’t be anything too bad about it, depending on what you choose to read of course. Children are like clay that needs to be molded into something so much shapelier. For clay is just clay unless molded into a pot. Like easily maneuverable clay, children too can be shaped into beings that are so much more loveable. And if there is one thing that can help shape the psyche and morale of a child, it has got to be reading. For reading really is an indulgence, especially in terms of a child, that comes with more benefits than asked or bargained for. Go ahead and read on to know more about the benefits of reading.

Importance Of Reading To Children 

Pronunciation And Vocabulary
If reading can help an adult improve his or her diction and vocabulary, it can do so much more to shore up the pronunciation and vocabulary of a child. This is because most children are quick learners and strong observers, so when you read to a child you in one way or the other are helping to improve the child’s pronunciation and vocabulary. Care however should be taken to ensure that you are reading or pronouncing the words correctly. This is mostly because an impressionable child can easily pick up your cues and mispronounce the word too. You may also want to clarify all doubts a child has about a word or words when reading to him or her.

Greater Attention Span
Reading to a child, believe it or not, can help increase his or her span of attention. This really is like a double-edged sword against a distracted mind and problems related to vocabulary and diction. Children who are read to on a regular basis have always been known to be brighter and less distracted than the ones who haven’t. Children develop the habit of listening to what another is saying; think for themselves and responding accordingly. This ‘habit’ becomes especially useful when the child is sent off to school. So the next time you see a highly distracted child, remember to sit him or her down and read out a story. Who knows, it might just go a long way in helping the child.

Creation Of A Unique Bond
When a parent or an adult reads to a child, it helps create a bond so distinct that it cannot be replicated by a mundane television set. This is because when a parent sits down with a child to read to him or her, there is a certain aura to the whole affair. The parent reading, the child listening attentively, his/her mind running free within its expandable boundaries imagining what is read, all makes for the ingredients that go into the making of a strong bond.

A Good Habit In The Making
 A child who is read to at some point of time is bound to give in to curiosity and pick up the very book with the stories that was read to him or her. Once the child does this, he/she opens up for himself/herself a whole new world, a world that revolves purely around the written word and the journeys of the mind. In time and with a little nudging, this child is only going to become an avid reader with a ‘voracious appetite’ for the page as opposed to the screen.

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