Want to have a great married life by being a better wife? Read on for some thoughtful tips to strengthen your marriage.

How To Be A Better Wife

“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” With the ever-increasing rate of divorces and the ever-dropping rate of patience to endure, marriage has almost become an archaic value for many. With break-up happening for as petty reasons as a loud snore, it is no wonder that marriage has now just gained the significance of old-school institution. However, as they say, love and marriage go together like the proverbial horse and carriage. Therefore, it can be said in no mean terms that as long as the love survives, the marriage too shall be a part of society. However, ‘marriage’ would be considered a wonderful part of life only if the couple is happy in ‘being married’. Both husband and wife have to contribute to the marriage for it to work and sail smoothly. Learning how to be good to each other is a part of achieving a happy marriage. Marriage comes with its own fair share of responsibilities. And more often than not, in order to meet the responsibilities, one tends to neglect one’s spouse. It is true especially in the case of women. In order to meet the herculean task of handling the house, in-laws, children, and to balance professional life with it, the woman of today end up taking their husbands for granted. A great way of improving a marriage is to try to be a better wife. All you need to do is to determine the needs of your relationship and work for bettering it. Read on for some thoughtful tips to strengthen your marriage and to be a better wife.
Tips For Being A Good Wife
  • We need to treat others the way we want ourselves to be treated. Treat your husband the way you want him to treat you. Avoid being boorish to your husband. Be kind, passionate, positive, and understanding.
  • It takes two to argue. Before you react to any situation, step back and imagine if the situation were reversed. Avoid arguments, let go of grudge, accept the apology, apologize if necessary, and just move on.
  • It is assumed that by nature men are problem solvers. Hence, women enjoy expressing their feelings when men listen and try to find solutions. Avoid complaining about things, which your husband cannot help and fix. Be realistic and don’t expect too much.
  • To maintain a happy marriage it is acutely important for a wife to make his hubby feel loved and appreciated often. Like a hug when your husband is feeling down or a warm greeting and a pleasant smile when he returns back home are something that will make him feel loved and valued.
  • Every individual is growing, aren’t we? Allow him to grow in the direction he chooses and accept him as he is and give him the space to be himself. Never belittle and criticize him.
  • Surprise him with a night date or anything that makes him happy. Men like surprises too. The surprises need not be expensive, they can be simple; it is just a way to let him know how much you care and think of him. Leave special notes around and make him feel how special he is to you.
  • Food plays an essential role in marriage. Good homemade meals are always appreciated by men. Prepare a delicious meal for your hubby and enjoy it together. It also makes time for the two of you to reconnect and provides an opportunity to talk about the happenings of the day.
  • Keep your love life alive. Never let love diminish from your lives. No relationship will ever stand without physical intimacy. Take the initiative and remind him that you still find him attractive.
  • With family, job, children, to take care of, it is difficult to find time for taking care of appearance. However, remember these small things can have a lot of impact on your relationship. Live your courtship days by wearing his favorite dress and wooing him by wearing his favorite perfume and so on. Add up exercises or yoga in your daily timetable not only to look attractive to him but also for your general well-being.
  • There is a saying ‘A wife can make a man or break a man’. You need to support your husband especially in times of troubles. Understand his problems and be a brick wall of support he can fall back on. Provide assurance to your husband in all the stages of his life. Treat him with respect, do not downgrade him, and never hurt his ego.

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