Rewarding children for their good behavior is a good way to encourage them. Explore this article to find tips on how to reward your child for good behavior.

How To Reward Your Child For Good Behavior

Children are like potter’s wet mud. They have to be molded in the right way, to make them into responsible adults. Parents are the ones who play the role of the potter in kids’ life, developing good manners and proper behavior in them, which would help them throughout their life and make them a better citizen. Your children would love to please you and will need praise to know that their behavior has made you happy. However, the parents should understand that there is a big difference between giving incentives for behaving well and bribing the kids for good behavior. Read the lines given below to find effective tips on how to reward your child for good behavior.
Rewarding Children For Good Behavior 
  • Give your children inexpensive creative gifts, like making a crazy bath with colored (food color) water or baking cup cakes for them.
  • You can also award your kids with their favorite book or read out their favorite story.
  • Offer children random awards too, so as to keep them motivated to be a good person in life.
  • In case of girls, you can reward them with a bracelet or an accessory for their doll.
  • Children who are fond of gardening can be awarded some seeds to sow in the garden or plants that they can keep near their window.
  • Serve your kids their favorite snack or dinner, also making sure that it is full of nutrition.
  • You can allow your child’s friends to come over and let them have their ‘Pajama Party’.
  • You can reward your kids by allowing them to have snowball fight (made of socks) in the room or even have paper planes races.
  • An indoor picnic or a camp at the backyard of the home will also excite and motivate kids to behave well.
  • You can award the children their favorite cartoon character stickers or cap, with its picture on it.
  • Offer a music freak child a family concert every week. This will keep him/ her motivated for the whole week. You can even call his/ her friends on a holiday and play with the music instruments made out of bucket and steel drums.
  • Allow the child to watch his/ her favorite movie or cartoon an hour daily, if he/ she behaves in the desired way.
  • Make a reward box for the child and randomly drop a gift for a good behavior that you did not ask him/her to do. It will make the child feel that behaving nicely is something very good and boost his confidence levels.
  • If your children are inclined towards picture books, like comics, buy them their favorite ones from the nearby bookstore.
  • Give your child a reward that would aid him/her in developing a hobby. For e.g. if he/ she loves making drawings, reward him/her with a drawing book or even colors.
  • Praise your kids for what they have done and if they have helped you out in your work, say ‘thank you. A simple thanks can also works wonders on kids.
  • You can also make your own medals and honor the child with it, in front of all family members.

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