How often do you reward your child when he/she does something good? It is very important to encourage children by rewarding them. Find out some suggestions to reward kids.

Good Ways To Reward Children

Rewards act as great encouragement for children. Many a times it has been noted that parents scold the children when they do something wrong, but rarely reward them at their good act. It is very important for children to receive incentives when they do a worthy act. It can be the first training success, first report card, or his/her first attempt in riding a bicycle. This way a child gets encouraged to repeatedly show good behavior. Incentives and rewards are necessary for kids as they make the child easily differentiate between a good deed and a bad one. This makes them feel important and get motivated that they are being noticed and the hard work is getting paid. There are many ways to reward children. You do not have to spend extravagantly; they get motivated if they are allowed additional recreation hours for playing video games or been allowed to choose the dinner menu. Check out some suggestions on how to reward kids each time they come up with something commendable. 
Suggestions To Reward Kids
  • If your child loves collection pieces, then rewarding him/her with items that would add to his collection is the best way. Stickers, stamps are most popular collection items amongst children.
  • If your child loves to play with toys, reward his/her act with small inexpensive toys.
  • For girls, a bracelet or necklace or even beads for making jewelry are the best bet.
  • Honor your child with awards like medals, ribbons, certificates, or engraved/ lettered trophies. They are great incentives and work wonders in reinforcing the good act for future.
  • If your kid has a creative bent, gifting him/her do-it-yourself craft kits will be advantageous.
  • Mugs or toys imprinted with 'great job' are some popular ways to reward children.
  • You can also present gift bags with surprises inside each time your child does something good.
  • For kids who love gardening, receiving a plant, seeds or a pot for growing plants can be the best options.
  • When the child does something very good, you can reward him/her with Sunday planning. Allow the child to pick a movie that the family would watch together or an outdoor sport that the family would play together during the weekend.
  • You can also set up a system so that each time the child does something worth rewarding, he/she earns movie tickets, coupons, gift certificates or tickets to skating rinks, bowling alleys and other entertainment outlets.
  • If your child is small, you can reward him by reading an extra bedtime story.
  • For a teenager, you can let your child spend a night at his/her friend's house or you can allow a friend to spend the night at your place. Granting a day off from the regular chores is also a good way to reward children.
  • You can never go wrong by serving your child his/her favorite dinner, snack or dessert. However, make sure that you serve nutritious food.
  • Rewarding your little one with some collectibles for good grades would make really happy. Buy the collectibles including a teddy, model cars, train cars and collectible coins and so on.
  • If you have been enforcing a strict rule of using the video games for only specified hours, relax them for some days which will be a great reward for the kid.
  • Surprise your kid by arranging a scavenger hunt all around the house. If they can read, provide them with written clues about the place where the card is hiding. At the end of the hunt, they must find a note which leads them to a bigger prize. If the child cannot read, you can use pictures.
  • Take an old pillow case and put paper slips inside it which lists the prizes. Allow the kid to draw out the prize which they are going to get as a reward for their behaviour.
  • It would be an excellent reward to your kid if you spend an evening or a night with your kid. Take him/her for a play or a movie.
  • Arrange a surprise for your kid by taking him to an amusement park, sporting event, museum or son on. Allow the kid to choose the location which he or she likes. This is sure to motivate them and make them realize that their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.
  • How about providing your kids a royal treatment at home? Pick them up from his school for a day or a week. Allow them to have a television remote all for themselves.
  • If your kid loves stickers, you can buy them a packet of stickers which is obtained for cheap rates. It is sure that they would love these stickers.
Rewarding your children when they do something good is extremely important as it motivates them to repeat such acts again and again. The above mentioned are some of the best ideas if you wish to reward your kids for their good conduct or achievement.

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