There are numerous ways to help children handle anger in a positive way. In case you are unaware of them, go through this article and know how to help kids deal with anger.

How To Help Kids Deal With Anger

Whether we are hurt, irritated or enraged, anger is the expression used to take it out of our mind, and sometimes even our heart. The same holds true for children as well. Whenever something is done against their wishes, they are bound to feel angry. And, more often than not, they take it out in violent ways. This is not something unusual. However, it can surely turn alarming, if the child is not helped at the right time. Do you know how can you help your kids deal with anger? No? Then, go through the tips given below and make yourself aware of it.
Ways To Help Children Handle Anger
Look At Yourself
In order to help your child deal with anger, you first need to look at your own behavior. Do you lose your temper often? How do you handle anger yourself - by shouting or by keeping quiet? The way you deal with anger will be passed on to your child as well. Remember, children learn by example. They will do what they see. You need to display the same behavior you want your child to follow, when he/she gets angry.
Teach Expression
Most of the kids become angry and resort to violent activities, like kicking, screaming, swearing, hitting or throwing things, because they are not aware of any other way to express their feelings of hurt or irritation. So, you need to teach your child to express himself/ herself in words, rather than violent acts. For instance, teach him/her words like angry, irritated, hurt, furious, mad, put off, etc, and tell him/her to use them when annoyed.
Introduce Anger Controlling Ways
Children are not aware of the actions they can undertake, to avoid indulging in violent activities, when they get angry or annoyed. You need to teach them the ways to help calm down the anger. For instance, ask your child to go for a walk on the terrace or watch some cartoons or even lie down for sometime and close his/her eyes, till the time he/ she feels in control once again. Encourage him/ her to use the same strategy every time he/she gets angry.
Develop Awareness Strategy
There are always certain specific signs that people exhibit, when they are about to lose their temper. These include talking louder, clenching fists, breathing faster, etc. Flushed cheeks, pounding heart and dry mouth are some of the other signs of building anger. Teach your child to recognize these signs and follow the anger controlling strategy as soon as this happens. This will help control situation before it gets out of hand.
Deep Breathing & Counting
You need to teach your child the deep breathing and 1-10 counting strategy, to help him/her control anger. Ask him/ her to start deep breathing (from the tummy) as soon as he gets aware of the warning signs. He/ she should take a few deep breaths with a count of one to ten, inside his/ her mind. Encourage him/ her to follow the same strategy whenever he/she feels that the situation is going to erupt into something ugly soon.

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