Helping kids to deal with bullies has become important for the parents, whose children are offended in schools. Learn how to protect your children from bullies, with the tips given in the article.

How To Protect Children From Bullies

While ragging has been banned around the world, the act of bullying still exists in some schools and colleges, wherein the senior students harass their juniors through words and actions. Bullying is an offensive act, which often results in depression, lack of self esteem and confidence in the children, who are victimized. Therefore, whenever you come to know that your child is being bullied, whether at school or some other place, it is very important for you to take necessary action in this regard. In fact, as a parent, it is your responsibility to teach your children how to tackle the problem. Given below are some useful tips, which will help you learn how to protect your children from bullies.
Helping Kids Deal With Bullies
Maintain Peace At Home
Studies reveal that children who are subjected to or witness abuse at home are easily prone to bullying in schools and other places. Hence, you should never show violence and aggression (both physical and verbal) at home. Bring up your child in an atmosphere that is full of love, understanding and care.
Identify A Bully
Teach your children how to identify a bully. While some seem to be the stereotype ones, where boys/girls gather at a circle and start humiliating the 'victim', others may seem to be just teasing. In such cases, you should make your child learn the clues on bullying behvaior. For instance, the person may begin by using degrading and offensive words. If your child spots such an instance, ask him/her not to befriend such kind of people.
Provide Friendly Environment
Loners often fall victims to bullying, in the form of physical and verbal abuse. Therefore, it is very important to set an environment for your child, wherein he/she develops 'healthy friendships' and is made to feel important as well as special. This way, you will ensure that your child is protected from abuse, has a good friends' circle and never ends up as a loner.
Train At Home
Assist your child in tackling the situations of bullying, by giving some training at home. Practise how to deal with bullying, with your child, at home. This will help your child a great deal in combating the fear of facing humiliation and also prepare him/her to face and handle such a situation.
Report To The Authority
If you have spotted bullying within school/college premises, it is wise to notify your child's teacher, head mistress or the principal, about the same. Let them know that illegal things are happening at their institution. By doing this, you would not only help your child, but also many other kids, who have fallen or might fall victim to bullying.
Resort To An Adult
It will be not possible for you to be present with your kid all through the day. So, if your child is being bullied, ask him/her to find an adult, say, his/her teacher, to intervene the situation immediately. On the other hand, if you witness the situation, do not hesitate to interfere and stop the bully.
Teach Self Defense
Groom your child to defend himself/herself from abuse. For the purpose, enrolling him/her in a self defense class would be the best bet. The tricks trained in the defense classes would help your child build his/her self esteem, which in turn, would make him/her strong enough to defend himself/herself. Self defense would also prove to be helpful to your child, if he/she is in some other adverse situation.
Build the self esteem of your child not just through behavior, but also through words. Bullies can make a child feel humiliated, which may lead to depression and decreased self worth. However, if you motivate your him/her to be brave and strong, by speaking positively, it would help a great deal in overcoming negative thoughts.

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