Do you know how to make a diaper cake? If no, then go through the article and get instructions for making the perfect diaper cake for gifting on a baby shower party.

How To Make A Diaper Cake


Want to gift something unique, but, at the same time, something useful to an expectant mother? How about gifting a diaper cake? Sounds great!! A diaper cake would make an excellent centerpiece in a baby shower party and after the party; the mom-to-be can safely keep the cake for future use. Diaper cakes have turned out to be one of the most-picked items, in the recent times, as a gift for a baby shower party. Apart from gifting diapers, you can also tuck in various rattlers, toys, etc in the middle of the cake. In the following lines, get instructions for making diaper cake.
Instructions For Making Diaper Cake
Materials Required 
  • 50 Newborn Diapers
  • Gross-Grain Spool of Ribbon
  • 1 pack Small Rubber Bands
  • Travel Size Baby Toiletries
  • Various Rattlers, Toys, Pacifiers
  • Card Board Box
  • Empty Paper Towel Rod 
  • The first step would be to roll out each of the diapers in such a way, so that only the white portion is visible. After rolling each diaper, tie it with a rubber band. Each of the diaper would resemble like a rolled up diploma.
  • To prepare the base, take a cardboard box and cut out a circle or a rectangular shape. Make sure it is large enough so that you can place your diaper cake on it.
  • Now, wrap the cardboard with a silver foil paper and securely tape the empty paper towel rod to the middle of the cake plate.
  • To make the bottom layer of the cake, take 5 rolled up diapers and place them longitudinally near the paper towel rod. Once this inner ring is done, assemble 10 more diapers and place them around the first ring. With this, the middle ring is also done. Now, gather 15 more diapers and circle them around the two rings to complete the bottom layer. 
  • Once all the diapers have been placed, tie the entire layer with the gross grain ribbon. Make sure that the ribbon hides the rubber band that has been tied to each diaper. Also, cut the ribbon long enough so that it forms a bow.
  • Now, start with the middle layer of the cake. For this, take 5 diapers and place them near the paper towel rod, same as that done in the bottom layer of the cake. Once the innermost ring is done, take 10 diapers and place them to form a second ring or middle ring.
  • After the diapers have been placed in the middle layer, tie them with a ribbon and make a bow in the end. Make sure that all the rubber bands get covered with the ribbon.
  • You can either just stop here and jump to the next step or go ahead and make a third layer. For making a third layer, take 5 diapers and make a ring. Tie this ring with a ribbon and make a bow at the end.
  • After all the layers have been done, tuck baby toiletries, rattlers, toys, pacifiers, new-born socks or other small gifts in layers. Gently tuck all the gifts in the middle of the diapers and in between the tiers.

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