Don’t wait until your baby screams out of irritation. Be hygienic and regularly keep your baby clean. Read further to know more about diaper rash cures.

Diaper Rash Cures

An article in People’s Magazine stated “Help Brad Pitt with diaper rash problem”.  I do not think there would be any girl not willing to help Brad Pitt, but with a diaper rash! Obviously it wasn’t Brad who had the rash, according to Esquire Magazine it was their daughters, Shiloh and Zahara who were having the diaper rash problems. It said no cream, salve or natural product the celebrity couple had tried worked. So, People Magazine took this issue and asked its readers to help Brad and Angelina with their diaper rash issue. This problem is not exclusive to them; diaper rash is a common issue for most parents. The main cause of diaper rash is because of keeping a moist diaper on your baby for too long. As the diaper is usually filled with urine, and the skin is exposed for a long time it leads to skin irritation which results in a diaper rash. When the skin irritates the baby is unable to communicate and therefore the parent has to be alert enough to regularly change diapers. Parents should ensure that the baby is cleaned and preventive measures taken to make the baby’s skin free of germs which lead to infection. In addition to this, diaper rashes can also be caused due to ill-fitting or bad quality diapers which do not allow for ventilation. Even a change in diet or diarrhea could lead to such a problem. If the diaper rash is severe, consult your doctor to get professional advice. But if it is not critical, there are many home remedies to cure nappy rash and preventive measures that will help. Find below some of the remedies and preventive measures. 
How To Cure Diaper Rash
When you notice your baby has a rash immediately wash him / her, pat dry and let to dry and aerate. It is important to allow ventilation. If the rash has developed red spots it is advisable to consult a doctor. If it is a simple rash, you could try some of the following home remedies before consulting a doctor:
  • One of the tried and tested cures is to massage the affected are with fresh milk or yogurt.
  • You could gently rub sesame oil which helps in moisturizing the sore skin.
  • To soother the rash, mix soft herbal powder along with fresh butter and apply slowly on the skin.
  • Cornstarch is also known to help in comforting a diaper rash.
  • Roasted flour also works as soothing powder which can be applied on the skin. 
Some of the preventive measures for a diaper rash are:-
  • One of the most effective home remedies has been to apply oatmeal and warm water before a bath to help the skin be germ and infection free.
  • Mix a small amount of olive oil and clean water and gently massage to prevent rash.
  • One of the natural herbs which helps in preventing diaper rash is Calendula
  • If you wish to use ointments, make sure they are always purely natural or herbal as chemical based products are very harmful to the baby’s skin.
  • To keep the nappies clean, you could soak them in vinegar and water after they have been normally washed. Vinegar kills all the germs and bacteria that cause infection.
  • You could also use cloth nappies which are now back due to their comfort and ease of use.

A diaper rash is usually an indirect indication towards the parents (whether celebrity or not) and their irresponsible attitude for not taking care of their child’s health properly.

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