For any new parent, knowledge about diapers is a must. So, find out how to choose diapers and the best diaper brands in India.

How To Buy Diapers

In today’s world, when stores are crammed with so many types of diapers, it becomes quite difficult for parents to select the best diaper for their child. So, if you’re brainstorming about how to buy diapers, this article could be of immense help to you. Since diapers make an important part of baby’s clothing, until he is potty trained, the right choice of diaper, which ensures comfort, becomes crucial. Amidst vast collection of diapers, the following tips would help you to choose right diapers for your toddler.
Tips For Buying Diapers 
  • The very first thing before buying diaper is whether you want cloth or disposal diapers for your child. People also prefer buying disposable diapers for the reason that they can be easily disposed. Other reason is they can be changed and disposed off in public. They are usually comfortable due to their elastic bands. After some time, these diapers need to be changed. So, it becomes a little expensive choice.
  • For years, cloth diapers have been used to wrap up babies. This option is still open to parents. Many people still prefer cloth diaper, considering that its soft natural fibers, with least chemicals, will never harm the skin of the child. It proves to be economical also, since it can be reused after a wash.
  • In case you opt for disposable diapers, you are required to know what size of diaper would be perfect for your tot. Some diapers are available in sizes 1 to 6, whereas others are offered as small, medium, large and extra large. Usually diaper box suggest a size apt to baby’s age and weight.
  • Since disposable diapers are quite expensive, always try to find coupons and sales, so that you can avail discounts on them.  
  • Diapers come in variety, so check out whether to buy one with tape or Velcro fasteners. There are also extra absorbent diapers, while others comprise extra padding on the back. Some can be converted into pants and some are specially designed for overnight wearing. Make out which type of diaper will suit your baby the best.
  • The most important tip is ensuring that the diapers you’re buying offers a snug fit and is not very tight. 
Best Diaper Brands in India
  • Pampers
  • Snuggies
  • Huggies
  • Wipro Baby-Soft 

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