Research has revealed that a child who is exposed to music in childhood, has enhanced brain function. Read more about benefits of early childhood music.

Early Childhood Music

Victor Hugo had rightly said “Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and cannot remain silent”. This statement surely values the mind of a child, who doesn’t know words but always want to say much. Possibly, the concept of Early Childhood Music has developed from statement’s reflection. Music, in itself, is a complete therapy that has the ability to bring about healing. It has the capability to open fastened thoughts and relieve the mind.
Enhanced Development
Researchers have established that music and movement programs affect the development of child between his birth and primary school years. Further, to confirm such situation, it has been seen that children who get preschool piano lessons together with singing, have better brain function that lasts their lifetime. Such lessons aid to develop characteristics and social skills in the child. The major observable change is improvement in academics and more so, in subjects like mathematics and science.
Early childhood music also helps to develop reasoning skills because the ability to think through a problem gets increased. Such classes of music improve brain functioning in young children. Moreover, the early you expose your child to music, the better would be the result. Early childhood music program could be real fun and exciting for your toddler. Anytime between one and seven years of age, a child can be introduced to music sessions. These programs could be piano-based, fast-paced, properly structured or age-specific. 
Benefits of Early Childhood Music 
  • Music and movement develop self-esteem and body attentiveness in children.
  • Listening to music develops the quality of auditory discrimination in the child.
  • Listening to the sounds of instruments encourage motor development and creative development.
  • Ingenious movement facilitates children to learn various concepts like balance, coordination and rhythm.
  • Through music, children can enhance cognitive skills like counting as well as learning of alphabets, days of the week, address, phone number, etc.

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