Diaper bag helps you carry all your things related to your baby at one place. Learn here how to make a diaper bag.

How To Make A Diaper Bag

Babies are truly the most amazing creation of God. These little bundles of joy can fill even the most stonehearted people with love. When you are blessed with a baby, your heart must have swelled with motherly instincts. You would want to shower your child with all the love and luxuries you can afford. However, store bought things do not have the feelings which homemade things have. When you make something from your own hands, you get more satisfaction, not only creative but also you feel like doing your own bit for your baby. If you can afford time and a little physical activity, there is no better gift than having to make your own things. Diaper bag is one such thing. Diaper bag is a bag, which helps you carry all your things related to your baby at one place and you can carry it when you are on the go. It can carry things like feeding bottle, diapers, clothes, and even your cell phone. Instead of opting for store bought diaper bag, make one by yourself. You can also keep it for your child to show him/her when your baby grows up. Read on to know how to make a diaper bag.
Tips For Making A Diaper Bag
  • Take the fabric and lining of your choice and cut four pieces in total; two of the fabric and two of the lining. You need to cut the clothes in a rectangular fashion in 20 by 16 inches. However, prewash the fabric before you cut it as it allows the shrinking.
  • Iron the clothes and cut it in desired size. You also need to cut the fabric for pockets and the straps. Cut two pieces of 12 by 10 inches for interior zipper pocket and two pieces of 6 by 16 inches for small interior pocket. Cut one piece of fabric of 26 inches for the strap.
  • Use a colorful patterned cloth for the bag and a matching color for the lining. You can use cotton upholstery fabric for the diaper bag as it is easier to stitch and looks striking. You can also go for waterproof lining if you want.
  • You can start with stitching the inner zipper pocket. Take a zipper of the same color as that of the lining of the diaper bag. Keep it on the cloth to measure the size and then cut a slit from there. Pin the zipper behind the slit and then sew it with a sewing machine on all sides.
  • The small piece for the pocket can also be stitched. You can stitch it by various ways, however the fastest is to fold outer edges and then iron and then fold in half and sew it from the three sides, directly on the diaper bag.
  • You can either stitch the zipper bag on the bag or you can even sew it inside the bag after the bag is ready.
  • Now stitch the three sides of the fabric with the help of a sewing machine. Sew the lining fabric also from the three sides. Now take out the diaper bag from inside out and cover it with the lining material. Now stitch the lining material on the inside out fabric.
  • Add the strap into it taking a little from both side and stitch inside it. Turn the fabric right side out. You can make it in any size you want, all you have to do is to add or subtract the inches in the given measurements. Enjoy carrying the bag!

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