Motivation is necessary to help your child understand the importance of studying. Read on this article to know how to motivate your child to study.

How To Motivate Your Child To Study

Remember the days when you used to sneak out of your class behind your teacher’s back and constant shouting of your parents and even cane beatings were not able to motivate you to study. Even though you learnt on your own some time later, it was hard to keep yourself motivated when you were not used to spend time studying. You don’t want your kids to have the same problems which you had to suffer because of not studying from the childhood. However, your kid doesn’t want to relent to studying. Kids are like that, they don’t want to study, especially when they are small. However, motivating is important to help them achieve success and confidence in their life. Explore the following pointers to know how to motivate your child to study.
Tips For Motivating Your Child To Study
  • The first thing, which you have to do, is never to compare your child to anyone. Every child is different and special and even if behind your comparison lays the motive of encouragement to study, it is not right to compare. Avoid comparing and use encouraging language for your kid.
  • Tell them motivating stories. Tell them why they should study and what will it do to their future. Give your child a reason to work hard.
  • Don’t bargain with your child. Many people are in habit of telling their children that he/she would get a bike if they get good marks etc. Even if it urges your child to study, it is not the right way to motivate. They should know that they are studying for themselves and not for anybody else.
  • Be patient and remember that they are kids and it will take time for the idea to sink in. Reinforce the importance of studies in them and be persistent. Keep in mind that even though you cannot insist your kid to study, you can assist him/her.
  • You need to use affirmative sentences in order to let your kids understand the importance of studies. Don’t shout and yell or even criticize your kid. It will only appall him/her from study.
  • Studying doesn’t just mean completing homework. So instead of allotting time for completing the homework, allot time for studying.
  • Set up a study routine. When there is a routine, your child will thrive on the structure even if he/she protests. Set up same time for everyday. It will help them to establish a routine.
  • Allow them to choose the time, however make sure that whatever time they choose they stick to the time schedule all the time.
  • Encourage your child to talk to you about his studies. Talk to your kid about his/her likes, dislikes, and the subjects, which he/she finds easy or difficult. Keep the flow of communication open between you and your kid. It will help you keep a tab on his/her studies.
  • To encourage your kid, make sure the environment is encouraging too. Provide your kid with a room with least distractions. Make sure his/her study table is clean and the chair should be back supporting and straight.
  • Don’t put on television when he/she is studying. You can also sit with him/her and read your own books or complete your office projects.
  • Praise him/her when they bring good grades and encourage them to study however don’t over praise as it may make them arrogant.
  • Remember that motivating is a lifelong job and thus you may have to encourage your kid forever.
  • Remember that you too will have to sacrifice a lot when your child is studying. Unless you yourself don’t portray a good sign of sincerity, your kid would not understand its importance.

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