With time, the percentage of stay at home dads is fast increasing. If you are also one amongst such fathers, read through this article to get some useful tips and advice.

Advice For Stay At Home Dads

Traditionally, women have always taken up the charge of being a stay-at-home mom, while the dad used to provide the family monetarily. However, the scenario is fast changing in the present times. Dads, today, are proudly adorning their chef cap, staying at home and watching children grow. While conventionalists still think that women are better nurturers than men, live examples of the present times blow this theory out of proportion. Men are equally adept in providing the child a fostering, educational and safe future. Ruling out the notion of women as caregivers and men as bread-winners, this article specifically caters to stay-at-home dads. Given here is some advice and lots of tips for you, to become not just a good, but the best stay at home dad for your little one.
Tips For Stay At Home Dads
Have Patience
Spilled milk, broken dishes, unkempt cupboards and your baby crying hard in the middle of a late afternoon - all this can be too much to handle. Remember, patience is the key to solve all problems. Staying at home would not be as easy as it looks. So, be prepared for all the above mentioned things and much more. It would not only smooth the pace of your day, but also help you tackle all the problems with a positive approach.    
Be Positive
Using negative reinforcements would be like enhancing the problems on your own. Many-a-times, you are likely to face a situation when you need to express a negative instruction to your child. Instead, be positive and try to convince the little one, the other way. For instance, if you want the kid not to touch a particular section of the cupboard, instead of scolding, divert your child's mind and he/she would be off from the restricted area. Also, being positive would help you solve all the hassles of the day easily.
Health of Child
Remember, since you are the one who has opted to stay at home, you are the sole person responsible for the child's health. Food and water are important things you need to consider. After all, who would want to have a nagging and pesky child? Feed your child at short intervals and keep him/her hydrated. Several rounds of healthy snacks, such as raisins, apple sauce, sweet potato chunks, oatmeal, yogurt, honey and grapes, would be fine. You can also indulge in the snacks together. This would help you maintain your health as well as that of your child. Eating together would also help introduce new and unique fruits and vegetables with more ease.
Keep Your Child Close
Children have this urgent need in them, to stay close, protected and secured. Make sure you give your child a lot of physical warmth and closeness that he/she needs. Hugging him/her, striking a hi-five, making him/her sleep in your lap or carrying him/her in your arms are great ways to make a close bond with your adorable kiddo. Remember, a confident child is the one who knows that his/her father would always be there by his/her side, come what may.   
Avoid Loneliness
Traditionally, moms have been designated with the task of being a stay-at-home parent. So, in case you have taken over the job, bear in mind, this role reversal would not be easy. The main drawback of the condition is that there are not many stay-at-home dads. So, the risk of feeling isolated or depressed runs high. Also, due to the low number, you are not likely to make many friends or find people with the same frame of mind as you. Make sure you indulge yourself in some or the other activity, to fight away the loneliness syndrome. Indulge in your hobbies or an activity that does not demand much time, keeping you and your child happy and contented.
Stay Employable
It does not matter whether you are working or not - the deal is to stay employable at all times. Agreed, you have given up your career to raise you child, but that does not entitle you to get away from your vocation completely. Read magazines, journals and news that are related to your field and stay in touch with friends who are from the same field. This would make it easy for you to return to work, whenever desired. Also, utilize this time to learn a new skill, so that you are adept with the need of your field. You can also try working from home. This way, you can take care of your baby as well as continue with your work.

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