Engaging your toddler in fun home activities can save you the trouble of running around the house, trying to sort things and managing your little one. Read on for more toddler activities at home.

Toddler Activities At Home

If you are one of those few parents who are constantly thinking of new ideas to keep your overactive toddler involved in a fun and entertaining way, reading this article may be of help. Dealing with toddlers is probably the biggest challenge of parenthood as they can be pushy at times, while clingy and whining at other times. The best way to deal with toddler tantrum is to spend happy hours in their loving company. While television can be a convenient babysitter when you have quick work to catch up with, engaging your tot in some healthy learning activities can prove to be really useful. After all, this is one time when your little one learns to explore the world on his own, forming naive impression of people and objects. So, if you are thinking of ways to keep your tot engaged and entertained in fun activities, it is indeed the best bet. Here are some interesting fun activities for your toddlers to indulge at home. Read on to get your tot busy.
Fun Activities For Babies At Home
  • Talking to toddlers can be real fun. Though it may make little sense to you initially, you will be surprised to see how fast the little ones learn to relate to familiar sounds and words. Not only will it make them more interactive, it will also boost their language skills. So, if you are wondering how to amuse your tiny tot, just try talking to them. They will love it and so will you!
  • No babies can help, but chuckle at the thrill of peek-a-boo. All you have to do is to hide your face behind your hands or a pillow and then suddenly pop out your face for the baby to see. This one is sure to get all the toothless chuckles flowing, keeping your tot kicking high on fun.
  • Babies are easily attracted to things. One of the great ways to keep them hooked is to make lava bottles. For this, take up the general fiber bottles and fill it up with water and baby oil. Add food coloring to the bottle and shake it well. The toddler will be amazed to see big bubbles of ‘lava’ moving up and down the bottle. You can also use rice grains and other tiny objects like beads, glitters and more to create a dazzling effect .
  • Play dough is another exciting play options for your tots. It lets them play with their imagination and builds on their creativity. Just make dough out of plain flour, salt, cream of tartar and water and allow it to dry for a couple of hours. Just hand it to your little one and watch your toddler play up with his imagination.
  • Kids just love bubbles and teaching them how to blow bubbles can keep them gaily amused. All you need is to prepare a bubble solution and a bubble wand. Just dip the wand in the solution and blow lightly to create bubbles. Your toddler will love to see the bubbles fill the air and pop.
  • Engaging the toddler in a fun craft activity like making a rain stick can be a wonderful idea. For this you will need empty tube, baking paper, some rice grains and shells and a couple of elastic bands. Ask your toddler to decorate the tube by coloring it or wrapping it with a colored paper. In the meantime, you need to cut out two circles from the baking paper, slightly wider than the mouth of the tube. Fix one of these circles to the end of the tube, by securing it with an elastic band. For creating the rain effect, you can use rice and shells or anything that imitates the sound of rain. Ask your toddler to pour it into the tube, while you close the other end with the second baking paper circle and elastic band. Move it back and forth for the pitter-patter sound of rain and see your child smile with glee.

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