Body awareness activities help to teach a toddler his body parts with ease. Go through the article, to know some activities for learning body parts for children.

Body Awareness Activities

During the early years of life, one very important lesson which every toddler undergoes is the awareness of the body parts. While learning a language comes naturally to the preschooler, memorizing body parts requires efforts on both sides i.e. from the parents as well as the child. There are so many body parts in our body that making your child learn each may be a tough call, unless you employ some fun activities. These activities are both entertaining and educative for the child. In the following lines, we provide you some activities for learning body parts.
Body Awareness Activities 
  • The most basic way to teach your child his body parts is to make him stand in front of the mirror. You may then point out his body parts one by one while he identifies them. Let him touch his eyes, ears, nose, mouth, eyebrows, cheeks, forehead, chin, etc as he names them. This will be a good way for him to differentiate one from the other. In the process, he would also learn that each part has a specific name of its own.
  • Another way to help your child be aware of the different body parts is play face puzzles with him. Once he has mastered them, you can go ahead and play full body puzzle. Make sure he names each part while he places them. The process is both educative and entertaining for the child.
  • Since baby girls love to play with dolls, it would be the best way to make them aware of their body parts. Have your little angel dress up her doll and in the process make sure that she names each of the part she is dressing up.
  • Missing features is also a great way to teach your child his body parts. You can use worksheets that have drawings of people with some features missing. Let your child identify which part is missing and complete the drawing.
  • Exercising is also a great way to increase body awareness. It serves dual purpose - while your child gets aware of his body parts he would also improve his body image. Some of the exercises you can make use of are balance boards, balance beams, chinning bars, ropes, swinging, hopping, rolling, skipping, jumping-jacks, etc.
  • You can also have your child stand in front of the mirror with varying postures and expressions. This would make primary things very clear for him. Let your child stand tall with his arms above head, stand small crouching down, stand wide with arms extended at both the sides, stand narrow with his arms hugging himself, stand happy, sad, angry, excited, tired, etc.
  • If your child loves drawing, let him draw portraits of people. This would be beneficial because while drawing, he would become aware of the different body parts we have in our body.

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