Toddlers can be easily taught some educational activities at home. Check out some learning and preschool activities for toddlers.

Educational Activities For Toddlers

Before admitting your toddlers to school, you can teach them some educational things easily at home. There are a number of games and activities, with the help of which you can make children learn about the things around them. This will not only makes their learning process faster, but also act beneficial for them in school. Moreover, such activities will keep them engaged for quite sometime and also provide you an opportunity to teach them, along with having fun. It is one of the best ways of connecting with your children. Are you game for these activities? Given below are some preschool activities for children, listed just for you!
Learning Activities for Toddlers
Color & Count
A great activity to teach children colors would be playing egg sort. In this game, you need to get about 12 to 15 plastic eggs, of at least three to five shades. Keep them in a bowl and ask the kid to make groups of one color. You can also teach the kids numbers by asking him/her to sort out groups of two, six and four.
Large & Small
This is an excellent game to teach children the difference different large and small objects. For this, get 5-6 pairs of objects that are similar in every way, except size and put them in a box. For instance, snacks plate and dinner plate, child socks and adult socks, small spoon and big spoon, long pencil and short pencil, and so on. Ask you child to take out objects as you call out the size.
Picture Sort
In this game, you need to get two identical charts that have 9 to 10 pictures of a group. For instance, you can get charts with pictures of vegetables, cars, flowers, etc. Take one chart, cut each of the pictures in it and put them in a bowl. Follow the same for the other chart and keep them in a separate bowl. Ask your child to sort out two identical pictures from the two bowls.
Memory Test
This activity is a good way to teach children by combining learning with play. An interesting way to boost up the memory of a child would be by reciting him/her a fascinating story, which contains a lot of details. Ask your child to listen properly, as you would ask questions based on the story later on. After reading out the story, ask your child details of the characters and events. This would be a great way to help your child with his memorizing power, right from an early age. 
Other Learning Activities 
  • To make children learn counting, show them your fingers and ask how many they are.
  • If the child knows counting, then randomly ask him/her what comes after and before a certain number.
  • For the knowledge of colors, tell the children the colors of different objects, such as fruits and vegetables.
  • For the understanding of shapes, show the children different objects and tell them their shape.
  • You can tell them about the sounds that different animals make, so that they identify and relate with them.
  • Show them various alphabets and tell them their pronunciation.
  • Give them drawing and sketch books, so that they can paint and understand the objects around them better.
  • You can even teach them a nursery rhyme, by singing it in front of them. Ask them to repeat or sing along.
  • You can teach children counting with Abacus.

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