You can enjoy a rainy day ideally by playing games with your kids. Given below are some activities you can enjoy with your toddler.

Rainy Day Activities For Toddlers

Rain, rain go away, come again another day, little Johnny wants to play! If this is the case with your tot, then you may as well find some games to slot in for your kid for the rainy days. Actually, kids are literally little bundle of energy and seem to get bored fast and so need lots of creativity to keep them hemmed in the four walls of your home. Even though a rainy day is the perfect time to indulge in playful activities and make the most of the opportunity, running after your kid in that perfect weather may not be in your agenda. The balmy weather calls for a time to relax, watching the raindrops trickle down the windowpane, with a cup of coffee in hand. However, this may not be the idea of a perfect rainy evening for your kid too. He/she may sulk and sometimes even make a perfect home a mess in a payback of being cooped inside the house. To make a rainy day enjoyable and memorable for your kid and you too, you can incorporate some rainy day activities for your toddlers. It will not only keep him/her occupied and you peaceful, it will also enhance the creativity in your kid. There are a number of games and fun filled activities you can play with your toddlers, to keep them engaged and have a wonderful time.
Rainy Day Activities For Children 
  • Take 6 two-liter soft drink bottles and place them like bowling pins. Ask your kids to knock the bottles, with a ball, from a short distance.
  • Take socks and roll them up, making small balls. Now, ask your kid to roll them over in a laundry basket or bucket. Keep changing the starting line, as they acquire perfection.
  • You can give your child the joy of experiencing the rain outside, by giving him a bubble or shower bath.
  • You can play musical bumps with your child. Play some foot tapping number and sit down as soon as you switch it off.
  • If it has stopped raining, put on his gumboots and take your kid out for some splashing in the puddles.
  • A hide and seek game is also quite fun. Take 3 glasses and a toy. Hide the toy under one of the cups and ask your child to guess, which cup has the toy.
  • You can play camping game inside. Make a tent with blankets and pillows and cozy up on a rainy afternoon.
  • You can even play some simple ball games together, which are always fun.
  • You can teach him/her how to make boats and make him/her sail the boat in shallow puddles or in a tub filled with water.
  • You could also give him/her paints, paper, and tell him/her to draw his /her impression of a rainy day. Instead of making it as a chore, make it fun and if you have more than one kid, organize a competition between them.
  • You could also plan an indoor picnic with your kids. Cook and pack in a picnic basket and enjoy the food outside on the porch.
  • You could also arrange a story telling session. Tell your kids stories and ask them about some of their stories. You would love how your kid makes up stories to tell you.
  • If the rain has stopped, you could also take your kid for searching a rainbow.

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