A baby also has different personality traits. To know more about the various baby personality types, read the article given below.

Baby Personality Types

Though all babies may seem just the same at their birth, they do have different personality traits. These personality attributes of a child roughly determine his nature, character and approach, after he grows. It is not necessary that the characteristics your child exhibits in the nascent stage will remain unchanged. There is a high possibility of him becoming a completely different personality after he matures. However, knowing the personality type of your baby helps you in dealing with him. It becomes easy to understand the child and also to determine what type of treatment to give him. So, to know the various baby personality types, read on.
Highly sensitive
The children in this category are over-sensitive to the slightest of change around.
This makes them fearful and cautious, needing a lot of support, especially in a new environment. Moreover, they are prone to mood swings and can also lead into depression easily. However, these children are very perceptive and detail oriented. They may overreact in certain situations or with people they are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with. As a result, they become panicky and noisy in crowded places.
Self Absorbed
Children belonging to this group are usually passive and need a lot of encouragement to respond. They do not respond easily to people and objects around. These kids are lost in their own world. This seems to keep them aloof from the humdrum activities of life. As a result, hey have low concentration levels and are required to work harder. They are also content with their way of thinking and remain self absorbed in their own world of fantasies.
These types of kids tend to defy all rules and regulations. No restriction works for them. In case of impositions, they become upset. They are argumentative and engage in power struggles. Unlike the self absorbed children, defiant children are headstrong and wish to do things in their own way. This makes them successful in studies and work in future. However, they are hyper and need to practice restraint.
The set of children belonging to this category are restless. This is the major cause for being inattentive. Though they show interest in a lot of things, they are not able to sustain it. They cannot hold onto one single thing and flit from place to place and toy to toy. These children overreact and under react to different stimuli, depending on the situation and have discovered to be inattentive.

Kids belonging to this category are extremely impulsive. They naturally act first and think later. Generally, these children are healthy. They also have fighting ability. They indulge in sports and other physical activities. They are enthusiastic but do not stick to things for long, in case of too many obstructions. These children need to be reflective and patient. They grow up to become successful in their endeavors as they are active and creative, provided they practice restraint.

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