Colicky baby cry a lot. Explore this article to know how to calm a colicky baby.

How To Calm A Colicky Baby

Remember how in the famous sitcom’ FRIENDS’ Rachel makes her daughter cry and even after a lot of trial the three friends are not able to make the baby to stop crying. Actually when we are carrying our baby in our womb, we try preparing for the babies as much as possible. We read books, watch movies, and do everything to help us prepare for caring our baby. We read about diaper changing, feeding rightly, bathing, dressing, and putting the baby to sleep however, we leave the part about learning to handle with the crying baby. It is one thing, which we don’t want to envision as it is not something which any mother visualizes. We only dream of having a smiling baby and the cry takes us by surprise. The truth is that every baby cries and we have to learn to deal with it even though it may not match our idyllic vision. When a baby has colic, which one in five babies suffer from, he/she tends to cry more. Read on to know how to calm a colicky baby.
How To Soothe A Colic Baby 
  • As you have must have read in the fairy tales as well, rocking has the calming effects on the baby. If your baby is six weeks or older then rock your baby in your arm or cradle. In view of the fact that all the babies are different, they also like different types of rocking, experiment with your baby to see which position your baby likes.
  • You can also sing a lullaby as it has calming effects on your baby and can put him/her to sleep in no time.
  • Colic is generally caused by the gases in the tummy and so you can gently massage the tummy, thighs and back to help your baby pass out the gas.
  • Walking around with the baby in a backpack or sling also help some babies calm down.
  • Changing the baby’s position also helps. If the baby is lying down, pick him/her and rock forth and back. If you are holding the baby put him/her down.
  • If your baby enjoys baths, giving him/her a nice warm bath may help him/her to calm down.
  • Ask your gynecologist about feeding the babies properly and in the right amount. Sometimes feeding too much or too less may cause baby to become cranky and prompt them to cry.
  • You can also sooth your baby with sounds. Some babies feel calmed by rhythmic noises and so you can put on some music that is soothing to ears. However, there are some babies, who feel comforted by silence, so shut everything up and give your baby some noise free comfort.
  • You can also swaddle your baby in warm blanket to put your baby to sleep.
  • Taking your baby for a ride in the car may also distract him/her and he/she may feel calmed.
  • If you are breast-feeding then your diet may have a lot of say in making your baby colicky. Avoid dairy products and foods like onions, spicy foods, caffeine, and foods producing gases like beans.
  • If your baby is being fed through feeding bottles, then try to reduce the amount of the air your baby swallow during feeding. After feeding, don’t forget to burp him/her.
  • If nothing else works, ask your gynecologist to give your baby medication for colic.

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