How to calm your crying baby can be a tricky question, as there is no set remedy for the same. Given below are some tips to soothe a crying baby.

How To Calm Your Crying Baby

While we imagine about babies, we always think of cute smiling creatures, which resemble little angels. However, the real picture is quite different from the painted pictures and posters. Babies can really seem quite unpleasant while they are crying. Moreover, what adds to the frustration is that they can’t even speak as to what they want. It’s totally your headache to understand their plight. While there can be a number of reasons that make a baby to cry, at times there can be none. Thus, it is really important for the mothers to know how to calm their crying baby. Given below are some vital tips that will help you soothe a crying baby.
Tips to Soothe a Crying Baby 
  • Try to fulfill the basic needs of your baby before anything else. For instance, check if your baby is hungry or thirsty, is the weather too hot or too cold, and so on? Does your baby needs to be changed or is he/she physically uncomfortable?
  • To understand the child better, consider the atmosphere your baby has developed. The uterus, where your baby stayed for so long is a tight, dimly lit and fairly quiet place. Try to recreate the same ambience by tightly wrapping and rocking your baby. Place your baby on your chest to make him hear your heartbeat, which may work to calm him.
  • Provide skin-to-skin contact to the crying baby. Quite a number of babies like wearing just their diaper. Provide warmth to your baby by throwing a blanket over the two of you. This way, your baby will be surrounded by your scent, feel, touch, and will even hear your heartbeat.
  • Another way of keeping your baby close to you is carrying him. Put your baby into a sling or Maya Wrap and carry him through the day. This will keep him close to your scent and the sound of your voice. It even provides rocking, making it easier to calm the baby.
  • Rocking, jiggling or swinging also help to soothe a crying baby. You can lay your baby in a vibrating bouncy chair or a swing or take him/her for a car ride. Putting on some calming songs and dancing may also help to freshen up the crying baby.
  • You can even sing to your baby, as he/she will easily be able to recognize and relate to your soothing voice.

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