Knowing the baby teething symptoms will help you to tackle the situation better. Given below are the signs and symptoms of teething in babies.

Baby Teething Symptoms

Teething in babies can be quite a trying time for both the babies as well as their parents. This is an inevitable natural process that cannot be escaped, as it is an essential phenomenon, necessary for the growth of the baby. Babies can start teething anytime between 4 and 7 months of age. Usually, the front two teeth, which are known as central incisors, emerge on the bottom gum of the baby. Though most of the babies develop their teeth without any problem, there is a significant proportion of them who face considerable discomfort at the time of teething. In order to comfort their baby, it is very essential for the parents to know the symptoms of teething in babies. This will help them tackle the situation in a much better way. This is reason why we have listed the signs and symptoms of teething in babies, in the lines below.
Signs & Symptoms of Baby Teething
  • The baby suffers from excessive salivating
  • The baby shows excessive irritability and crankiness
  • The baby has red and swollen gums
  • The baby has a desire to chew on solid objects
  • The baby may face a lot of trouble in falling asleep or staying asleep
  • The baby might experience a low grade temperature
  • The baby, at times, may experience pain and cry out
  • The baby has become prone to drooling and restlessness
  • The baby resorts to biting often
  • The baby shows signs of tender gums
  • The baby refuses to eat food or may not be drinking milk also
  • The baby has a rash around the mouth, because of too much saliva
  • The baby suffers from the problem of runny nose
  • The baby might cough or gag occasionally, due to the excessive saliva
  • The baby may rub his/her cheeks or pull at the ears
  • The baby might suffer from slightly looser bowel movements
  • The baby might show symptoms of low grade fever
  • The baby is not able to have a sound sleep
  • The baby has started sucking his/her fingers or thumb too much
Helping A Teething Baby
After the problem of teething has been identified, there are a number of things that can be done to soothe the baby, such as massaging his/her gums with clean fingers, which will make him/her feel better. Give babies a teething ring will also help in the process of teething. It is also necessary to keep the baby's gums cool and keep wiping the drool over the chin. You can also offer your baby a cold bottle of water to chew on. Yet another option would comprise of a cold cup of water, which soothes the irritation. Chilled applesauce, yogurt and pureed peaches can also help provide relief to the teething babies, while being nutritious as well. By following these options, the parents can work towards making the circumstances better both for themselves as well as their teething baby.

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