Many parents wonder about the proper age for ear piercing their baby girl. Check out when you should pierce the ears of babies.

Ear Piercing Babies

Piercing the ears of babies is a personal choice of parents. Some like to get it pierced early while some wait till the baby grows up a bit. Most pediatricians recommend that you wait for a bit till the baby is old enough to look after the pierced area. Ear piercing is not new and one can trace the tradition back to almost 6000 years back when this system was prevalent in the ancient African tribes. Today, piercing is a form of body art that is adopted by many people to look good and make a statement.
When to Pierce Baby Ears
Most people get the ears of a baby girl pierced when the baby is around 6-7 months old. This is considered to be the proper age for getting the ears of a baby pierced. The practice of ear piercing is widely prevalent in the Hindu culture. Usually, parents get the ears of the baby pierced just before the first birthday. Not just baby girls, even the ears of baby boys are pierced. The ear lobe is pierced at a particular place by the professional as it is supposed to have acupuncture properties. However, you must be careful only to go to a professional as they know exactly which point to pierce.
Look Out For...
  • Allergic Reaction
Though most babies are fine with gold, some may be allergic to it. The best metal to use is stainless steel as it is hypo allergic. The most common signs of allergic reactions are unexplained fever, pus formation, etc.
  • Choking
Small babies rub their ears a lot or keep fiddling with the site that has been pierced. Due to this, there is a chance that the earring may come off and prompt the child to swallow it out of curiosity. Keep a watch on it!
  • Infections
Since the immune systems of babies are still being developed, there are chances that the baby might catch infection. To ensure this does not happen, clean the site of piercing everyday with a swab of cotton dipped in an anti-septic or anti-bacterial liquid.
  • Type of Earring
The type of earring you use is of utmost importance. Too tight or too small or earrings that are clasped onto the ear lobe should be avoided. Opt for small studs that are easily able to move forth and back allowing some air to pass through the piercing. Else, you can opt for small rings that are easy to move around. Avoid anything that has a sharp protruding edge or dangles.

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