Choosing the right baby humidifier is very vital if you want your little one to benefit from it. Read on for tips on making the right choice.

Humidifiers For Babies

Studies show that a baby suffers from colds and other respiratory tract infections around eight times a year. As the weather gets colder, your baby is at risk of suffering from nasal congestion, apart from other associated complications. A humidifier is a device that is electrically operated and can be used in homes to increase the humidity in either a room or the whole house. These are especially useful when the air turns very dry due to cold climates, and there is a lot of unpleasant static electricity in the atmosphere. When choosing a baby humidifier, it is always good to get a steam humidifier or a vaporizer. This works by boiling water and releasing the steam into the air. Either as a precautionary measure for nasal congestion or as a medication for an existing cold, a medicated inhalant can be added to the steam vapor. As the moisture and steam is released into the air, the baby feels better. Choosing the right humidifier for your baby is important in order to ensure that your baby derives the maximum benefit out of it, and does not suffer as a result of the humidifier. The following tips will assist you to buy a baby humidifier. 
How To Buy A Baby Humidifier 
  • Before buying a humidifier, you will need to be aware that apart from their benefits, humidifiers can cause germs to disband into the air. Therefore, you will need to be prepared to be alert to maintain the humidifier well and to maintain it properly.
  • Choose a steam humidifier for which the filters and wicks can be replaced periodically so as not to cause your baby to develop allergies, due to dust or dirt on the filters.
  • While steam humidifiers are recommended, pediatricians prefer going in for cool mist humidifiers as they reduce the risk of your baby getting hurt by the heating elements used in them.
  • There are many portable steam humidifiers in the market. If you plan to go in for a portable one, choose one that is ultrasonic. These humidifiers produce a cool mist by ultrasonic sound vibrations. The evaporative humidifiers blow air through a wick or filter by means of a fan fitted in it.
  • Choose a humidifier that allows you to use distilled water since normal tap water has a lot of minerals that could be released as powdery dust into the atmosphere. This could cause allergies in your baby and could cause the humidifier to turn into a breeding ground for germs.
  • Buy a larger capacity humidifier than you think will be needed since they normally cover less area than the manufacturer normally states.
  • Choose a humidifier that comes with an inbuilt humidistat, which will allow you to control the humidity. Remember that high levels of humidity can let your house be a breeding ground for microorganisms and, in some cases, mould.

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