Arrival of a new sibling can be tinged with envy leading to sibling rivalry. Read the article to learn more on how to introduce a new sibling.

How To Introduce A New Sibling

A new arrival in the family is always a cause of concern for the elder child. Suddenly the child finds that he or she is not the centre of attraction anymore. This is tricky business and parents have to be very careful as to how they balance themselves. The  new sibling can be treated by the child as a competitor for the love and attention of the parents. And if he or she feels rejected or sees the parents too busy with the baby, then a feeling of resentment is developed which will ultimately lead to sibling rivalry. Parents must take care that such resentment and negative feelings do not develop, as it is very tough to shake off later. So, parents must start the task of introduction even before the baby is born. Read the article below to know more on how to introduce a new sibling.
Introducing A New Sibling 

Announce The Arrival
Depending on the age of the child, tell that he or she is going to get a sibling. Don’t make the announcement too soon as children tend to forget very quickly. Prepare the child to welcome the arrival of the baby. You can also make him or her responsible for the baby. Be prepared to answer the questions of the child regarding the baby. 

Involve The Older Sibling
Make your child adopt the baby as a part of his or her world. Tell your child to think of a name of what he or she would like to call the sibling when it comes. The name makes it more personal and the child may feel responsible towards the sibling. Allow the child to decorate the crib or the room, buy baby clothes and toys. However, make sure that he or she doesn’t feel left out. So, surprise your child with a gift so that he or she doesn’t feel the new baby as a competitor for the parents’ love. 

The Big Day
When the baby is born and is brought home, introduce your child to the baby. Let someone hold the baby while you help the child familiarize with the baby. Such moments can be difficult so, you must hug and kiss the child, so that he or she does not feel that your love is now divided, and he or she will have to fight for your attention. Show your child how fragile the baby is and that it requires tender love and care. 

Time To Adjust
Give time to your child to adjust to the new routine. Involve him or her, in the care of the baby. Simple tasks like watching over the baby, when you are not there to bringing the feeding bottle etc., can be done by the child. Watching the sibling grow in his/her care will make the child more tolerant towards the baby. 

Make Your Child Feel Important
Make your child feel important. Praise him or her for taking proper care of the baby. Newborns receive many gifts from family and neighbors. This can make the elder sibling jealous. So, keep some small gift items handy to give to the child, as for a child, only the gift matters, not who gives it. You can also make the child unwrap the baby gifts and give it to the baby.

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