A positive self-image shapes a child’s outlook in life. Explore the article below to get an idea on how you can develop a positive self-image for your child.

How To Help A Child Develop A Positive Self Image

To help children develop a positive self-image lies solely in the hands of the parents. Unless you love yourself, you cannot love others. The basic guideline, that parents can teach their kids is to love oneself, as he or she is. A positive self-image will ultimately lead to self-esteem, which is a major requirement to achieve success in life. A positive self-image is a major ingredient for happiness, and develops into a formidable weapon later in life. A negative self-image will make the child emotionally indifferent, and frustrated. A self-image reflects what we think of ourselves and we act according to what we think. So, if we think we are smart we act smartly and if we think we are stupid we act stupidly. Our self-image guides us how we react emotionally, socially, and spiritually. So, cultivating a positive self image is all the more necessary for a child. Read the article below to know how you can develop a positive self-image for your child.
Helping Children Develop A Positive Self Image
  • Children love it when they hear that somebody loves them. So, make it a point to tell your children that that you love them, every day.
  • Never tell your child to shut up. Listen to what he or she has to say, even if it’s something stupid. And listen with interest.
  • Instill in them the fact that perfection lies not in the way, how you look, but it lies in the way, how you utilize your talents and strengths. Tell him that each person is blessed with certain talents and strengths, which make that person special and that the child will also one day discover his/her talent.
  • Teach them to develop their strength by focusing on it.
  • Make your children believe that you love them as they are. Don’t try to mould your children according to what you want them to be. That way, instead of making their life easier you will only be making a cage around them.
  • Instill in them a sense of respect and compassion for other people. Treating others well will bring happiness to a person.
  • Do not dismiss your kids just because they you are busy. Tell them that you are available to them any time of the day. Children will develop a positive outlook if they believe that their parents are behind them.
  • Always be polite with your kids.
  • Give space to your kids. Let them make simple decisions or guide them through it. Give them the freedom to choose. In this way they will gradually develop their confidence.
  • Tell your kids that mistakes and failure are a part of life. Teach them to consider it an opportunity not a responsibility. Tell them that there is nothing called a perfect person.
  • Give credit to their efforts. This will encourage them to pursue higher things.
  • Teach your kids that the journey is more important and satisfying than the goal. And how you go through the journey is what matters.

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